November 11, 2019

Yesterday was the birthday of the Unce Sam's Misguided Children and today is Veterans Day.  We wish each and everyone a great day.  Remember those who fought for our freedoms and made the ultimate sacrifice.  Tell those that you meet you appreciate their service.  

Today, the webmaster met a gentleman who spent his 20th birthday and quite a few years afterwards in Korea as a U.S.Army Grunt.  He spoke about those he lost and those who came home injured.  He was very sad to talk about how our country is tearing itself apart because of the distrust, lies, and belief that everyone is entitled to everything without working for it.  

If you are so inclined consider saying a prayer or two for our military members when you get a chance. 

                        July 14, 2019

President Klink hosted the annual Poker Run and we were joined by some prospective members.  Everyone had a good time, except for the hot, miserable weather.  Check Photos to see the fun.

                        June 9, 2019

The 2019 MWRC Spring Conference ended in St. Louis, MO today.  Many members reported a good time other than the water which seemed to be everywhere.  Photos will be posted soon.

                        May 25, 2019

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend.  Remember to take a moment and think about what our military members have done to keep out country safe from enemies.  Think about how many men and women laid down their lives for this great country over the centuries. 


                Saturday, May 11, 2019

This coming Saturday is Dr. Mudspringers Open House at the new location. Randy and his associates are hoping that all of you will come and check out the new spot.  He has some specials planned for the event to fill your upcoming motorcycle season needs.  


If you ever thought about becoming a Blue Knight and didn't want to sit thru a breakfast meeting to see if we are the kind of people to hang out with, this is your chance.


You will be able to rub elbows with law enforcement officers past and present including:

President Larry Klink (not to be confused with President Trump)

Former President Dave Smith

Director Emilio Munoz, who plays the bagpipes at many somber and some fun events.  Rumor has it the webmaster Sir David will also be present.  


It's going to be raining, so why not stop in.  After all you don't want to ride your bike in the rain, and because you are so sweet, we know you can't be out in the rain because you will melt!

                            May 1, 2019

Ok all of you motorcycle riders out there.  We know some of the streets have been cleaned of salt and sand, but a lot more of them still need to be cleaned.  Make sure you wear your safety gear, travel slow and safe through corners and keep your eyes open for all the kids now running into the street chasing pets, balls, etc.

                       March 31, 2019

Tomorrow is April Fools Day.  Unfortunately, the weather folks are saying despite having several warm days over the last 2 weeks, we may get snow tonight/tomorrow.  


I'm hoping that Ian Leonard, Laura Betker, Dave Dahl, Lisa Meadows and other meteorologists are wrong.  We want nice weather so the streets get cleaned of debris so we can get out on the bikes.  


Tell you what meterologists, give us nice weather and we may offer you the opportunity to go on a ride with us.  Of course you will have to wear safety gear and it may mess up your hair a little bit, but think about how cool it would be to ride with The Blue Knights!

                       March 16, 2019

Today, we had our monthly meeting.  We all agreed that we have had enough of winter.  Someone far more clever than us in Hennepin County issued a Court Order.  See below.

                     February 10, 2019


                      February 5, 2019

Tonight the President gave the State of the Union Address.  Already the talking heads are disceting every word he said.  


I could provide a social commentary, but instead encourage each of you to contact your Senator, Representative, Congressional Leader and let them know how you feel about what the President spoke about.  Get involved.

                      February 2, 2019

Well, it finally happened.  The thermometer broke.  Apparently it told Mother Nature and Jack Frost Enough is Enough.  I'm only going up and you can change your evil ways or I will make every american use only the celisus reporting.  Mother Nature made promises to Jack Frost and suddenly we have 30+ F.  


We are reporting that some people have already uncovered their pools, and started to rake leaves.  I'm not saying it really happened, but I am reporting it. With facts like these maybe I should become a politican or member of the news media!

                      January 24, 2019

Holey Moley Batman,


The temperature in the Land of MN IV has risen all the way to ZERO Farenheit without the windchill included.  Add in the windchill with gust of 38 M.P.H. and you get a friggin Are You Kidding Me?


Now for those of you that live in areas where you can ride year round, you can understand that once the ice and snow is off the road, we are on our bikes.


MN IV riders, I promise that we will see warm weather later this year and you can trust in that more than we can trust in the Democrats, Independents and Republicans get the shutdown resolved quickly while securing our borders.

                    December 25, 2018

Hopefully, Santa made it past your home and you got more than coal in your stocking.  Santa did stop in the Edina of the North, carefully, stepped over the kitty and left a few presents for the humans.  See the kitty on the Home Page!

                     December 9, 2018

The FBI, CIA, NSA, and a bunch of other alphabet agencies have probably checked our web page.  Although they can't approve the material they can say with certainity that the Events, Humor and F.A.Q. pages have been updated, with new information.  Go see for yourself. 

                   November 13, 2018

The midterm elections are finally over.  No more ads on tv, radio, billboards, or internet.  No more phone calls encouraging us to get out and vote for democrates, independents, republicans or dope smokers.


We wish all of the newly elected politicans the best with a caveat.  We expect you to do what is right for our country, not just your party or pocket book.  We are trusting you to return America to it's previous great status where law abiding citizens and immigrants made this country what it was.  


Don't disappoint us!

                     October 30, 2018

It's almost time for The Great Pumpkin.  Make sure to keep your eyes peeled and your speeds low when in neighborhoods during Halloween.  The ghosts, goblins and monsters will be on a sugar crusade.  Hopefully, their parents will keep them out of the streets.


Also if you have any pets, make sure they are safe inside the house.  Send us your best costume photos!  

                     October 14, 2018

Well, it had to happen, but I'm not happy about it.  It snowed here in MN IV land.  Yes, I know it didn't stick or last, but darn it.  Now we have to seriously consider winterinzing our bikes and putting them to sleep before Mother Nature makes a full blown appearance.  Get out and ride while you can, because sure as taxes are due April 15, Mother Nature will be back.

Today is a day in our countries history that everyone should know much like Pearl Harbor, dropping of the H bombs and the assassination of JFK.  Each of these days and many others are a poignant reminder of how great a country America is.   We as Americans are resilient, tough and can weather any storm even like Harvey or Irina.                                               God Bless the greatest country in the world!

                      August 7, 2018

            Tonight is Night to Unite / National Night Out


Watch out for all the people of foot traveling to and from block parties, playing games or visiting with their neighbors.  Also the men and women of Public Safety will be traveling to and from parties.  Make sure to wave to them or say hi in person.

                        July 21, 2018

Today, we reached 40 Regular Members and increased our Honorary members to 4.  We welcome the newest guys; Mike & Mike!

                          July 4, 2018

Today is our Independence Day.  Celebrate all the freedoms our great country has.  For those of you critical of our great country, consider this:  If you lived in another country and critized it like you do the U.S.A., do you think you would still be free?  I'm betting you wouldn't be.  There is a lesson in this!

                         June 14, 2018

A Budweiser Distributor is said to be responsible for this Tractor/Trailer unit. Wouldn't it be nice to see other businesses publicly display their support of Public Safety on their delivery vehicles also?

                       April 21, 2018

The monthly meeting was held and our turnout was great.  Many people commented on the recent remodel of the VFW.  Individual breakfast meals were made by the Chefs of the kitchen.  


Also today a beautiful blue 2018 Honda Gold Wing made it's debut appearance. The rider was seen polishing it after arriving for the meeting and again before taking his bride home on it!


We also recognized one of the kids birthdays today.  He now has 30 years of experience being 50, but still acts like a 35 year old.  He is so darn full of energy, smiles and good will it's contagious.  Congrats M.A.

                    January 20, 2018

During the holiday get together / meeting, one of our club members was Knighted!  He was almost as red faced from being embarassed as the shirt he was wearing.  It was all done in fun.  


He then went on to tell everyone that in H.S. his mascot was a Knight, his radio call began with King, and now he has been Knighted.  


Seems to me that he now gets to travel in the same circles as Sirs Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood, Bob Hope, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.


Sir David extends his thanks to all those who had a hand in coming up with this honor! 

                     January 1, 2018

It's time to turn the page in our lives. Out with the negativity and In with the good thoughts and deeds.  God Bless Everyone!

                     November 10, 2017

    Ted E. Bear turned 32 years old.  Did you remember to send him a card?

     October 24, 2017 -  The Rest of the Story

Recently MWRC Iowa Representative Dave Eyman had told the story of a Law Enforcement Officer who was killed while on duty.  The family had received many different law enforcement officers business cards after the death.  The officers son took the collection he was so proud of to school.  A school bully took the cards from the child and destroyed them.  The child was understanbly upset because these were a part of his fathers legacy.


Now we all know that Law Enforcement Protects and Serve.  Despite the many offers of contacting the school and the bullies parents personally, the surviving spouse said she was working on the issue through the school.  Obviously this doesn't solve the problem of the destroyed business cards, Hmm...What to do, What to do?


Dave "Snowman" Eyman with some of his partners came up with a creative solution.  Replace the business cards and have them delivered personally by Blue Knights.  Now some of you may recall, our posting this goal.  Here are the results of your generosity:


02 T-shirts
53 LEO Agency patches
04 Blue Knight patches
04 LEO lapel pins
01 Blue Knight lapel pin
02 Key fobs
22 LEO challenge coins
01 Blue Knight challenge coin
07 Stickers
13 Notes of encouragement, including a personal note from our International president D.J. Alveraz.

992 LEO Business cards 

01 Business card from Founding Father Chuck Shuman

Foreign LEO business cards:

02 from Canada

01 from Belgium

01 from Kuwait

01 from Norway 


See the photo below!


but wait their is more to this story


Tens of thousands of cards, coins and other items have arrived mailed directly to the child and/or delivered through the Anamosa P.D.  


Our congratulations to Snowman and his associaties for recoginzing a problem that needed a solution and providing the solution in STYLE! 

Items sent to Dave Eyman for delivery to the child on October 15, 2017.

Our friends at the Office of Traffic Safety also provided some sobering thoughts about our brief riding season so far in 2017.  DON'T BECOME A STATISTIC!


2017 Motorcycle Riding Season Preliminary Statistics (As of August 22, 2017)


There have been 33 motorcyclists killed in 31 crashes so far in 2017.

There were 53 motorcycle fatalities in 2016.


2017 Rider Deaths Statistics

  • Helmet use
    • 6 riders killed were wearing a helmet.
    • 23 riders killed were not wearing a helmet.
    • It is unknown if 4 riders were wearing a helmet or not.
  • Single-vehicle crashes vs. Multi-vehicle crashes
    • 12 of the crashes involved only the motorcycle
    • 19 of the crashes involved a motorcycle and another vehicle
  • Motorcycle vs. deer
    • 4 of the crashes involved a motorcycle colliding with a deer.
  • Passengers killed
    • 3 passengers have died in motorcycle crashes
  • Motorcycle License Endorsement
    •  27 of the operators had a valid motorcycle license endorsement or permit.
    • 2 of the operators did not have a motorcycle license endorsement or permit.
    • It's unknown if two of the riders had valid motorcycle license endorsement or permits.
  • Negotiating a curve
    • 9 of the crashes happened while motorcyclists were negotiating a curve.
  • Rider deaths by age:
    • <20: 1
    • 20’s: 6
    • 30’s: 1
    • 40’s: 6
    • 50’s: 12
    • 60’s: 6
    • 70’s: 1
    • 80’s: -
  • Rural vs. urban area
    • 16 of the crashes happened in a rural area.
    • 13 of the crashes happened in an urban area.
    • 2 of the crashes are unknown at this time.


Other statistics:


  • The summer months (June, July, August) tend to be the time when there are the greater number of motorcycle fatalities.
  • The record for the most motorcycle fatalities was set in 1980, when 121 motorcyclists were killed in 112 crashes.  Lets avoid that!


Safety messages:


  • Public safety officials urge motorcyclists to wear protective gear, which includes a DOT-approved helmet and brightly-colored protective gear for visibility and protection.
  • Riders should be prepared for inattentive drivers by staying focused on riding and keeping their speed in check.
  • Riders should never drink and ride.
  • Riders should always ride within their skill-set, use good judgement and maintain a 3-second following distance.
  • Riders should take a training course every couple years to dust off and improve their riding skills.
    • There are courses available for advanced riders, not just beginners. Training is available April through September, with some courses running into October. Riders can find a training site and register online at
  • Motorists can help prevent motorcycle deaths by looking twice for motorcycles before entering a roadway or changing lanes.
  • Motorists should give riders room, check blind spots, pay attention and drive at safe speeds. Motorcycles are smaller, so their speed and distance is more difficult to judge.

Hug your Conservation Officer, Constable, Deputy, Officer, Sheriff, Special Agent, Trooper, Etc.  Let them know you expect them to come home in their smelly vest and they will get another hug then!

As a certain F.T.O. use to say to his trainees, we will go home when our shift is done.  I will do everything in my power to ensure your safety while you focus on learning and becoming a great officer.  Unfortunately,  we may take a detour to the hospital because you used your chemical irritant when you shouldn't have or we got cut, but WE WILL GO HOME!

Our friends at the Minnesota Department of Public Safety have put out some new signs to kick off a new campaign related to motorcycle safety and awareness.  You can see the related images below.

Have you ever watched R.H. sing along to YMCA while on a motorcycle?  It is truly a day brightner!