Welcome to Blue Knights® MN IV

We are located in the Minneapolis / St. Paul Metro Area.

                      October 16, 2020

We knew it could happen, We have seen it happen, but that doesn't mean we are happy about it.  This morning, the Edina of the North had strong snow flurries.  Fortunately, they melted as soon as they landed and after 5 minutes it was done...until 20 minutes later when they started up again...


It's too early to put the bikes away, but being the way this year is gone, it might not be a bad idea to put them into storage.

                 Effective October 1, 2020

This news is more exciting than when Steve Martin spoke about the new phone books are coming.  It is liable to turn the world on it's ear, Some say it could even be worthy of being read on the evening news!


Here it is.  Are you ready?  Are you sure?  


We are able to once again have monthly meetings at the White Bear Lake V.F.W.!  See the meeting tab for all the specifics of our upcoming October 17, 2020 meeting.

                  September 14, 2020

Seems right.

Recently, several members and their co-riders decided to take advantage of the COVID-19 time and get some tune-ups, adjustments,and replacement of parts. One member is fighting cancer and has told the Dr. that he will be damned if this will stop him from riding in the future.  Another member admitted his love for hospital jello and chicken broth, so faked a medical event, so he could stay in the hospital and enjoy his favorite foods.

One member found his left front suspension wasn't working as good as he hoped, so decided to do a parts swap out.  The new suspension (Stryker knee) appears to be working as appropriate, however it appears the doctors forgot to leave some slack in the muscles and ligiments for a more relaxed movement. Instead it feels like a ninja racer tightly strung and being revved wanting to go. Finally, one of our own chose to have her appendix removed at the last possible moment.  Apparently she heard about the great hospital food and decided to go for it.

We look forward to the 2021 riding season being back to nomal (2019) rather than the disaster this summer has been.

                        June 12, 2020

Greetings to one and all!  We hope you are practicing safe social distancing in and out of your home / office with friends and family.  We also want this crap to be over with.  

As many have pointed out they can have funerals, protests, riots, looting and other mayhem all in the name of a individual killed in Minneapolis by a Police Officer.  

Unfortunately, our governor and others say funerals for anyone else must have minimal attendance for fear of spreading Covid-19.  The politicans seem to think we can't see the difference, but we can.  

                           May 4, 2020

First things first.  For all the Star Wars Nerds out there; May the 4th be with you.  I know you are reading this Lance!


Second things second.  Yes, it is starting to get nice out.  Yes some streets have been swept.  Yes, you can wash your bike and polish your chrome.


Third things third.  Essential employees are those who can not strike.  Think of your 9-1-1 center, E.M.S., Fire Departments and Law Enforcement Agencies. They are essential, our taxes pay for them to serve and protect us. 


Fourth things fourth.  We applaud all of you who have worked on your dream to open your own business.  We know with all the shutdowns, that many of you are suffering financially.  We hope with the money being given out by the government to businessess and individuals, you will be able to survive the shutdown and come back better than ever.  We look forward to visiting your businesses in the future.  Blue Knights love getting together and exploring new roads and finding new spots to stop, stretch our legs, have a bite to eat or find an unexpected treasure.  

                          April 23, 2020

All right this social distancing stuff is getting old for many of you.  I know you are going stir crazy.  For that reason we encourage all of you to go out to your garage, uncover your motorcycle, check the tires and then push the bike to the front of the overhead garage door.  Open the door.  Get a big fan.  Put it on a garbage can and turn it on so the breeze is going toward the bike.  Climb on your bike, make vrooom, vrooom, or potato, potato sounds.  After your voice is hoarse, turn the fan off, close the garage door and go into the house.  You can brag to all your friends over facebook about your big adventure.  Repeat as necessary until the Covid-19 goes away!

              April 12, 2020 / Easter Sunday

Today, many people celebrated Easter Sunday while following the Safe Distance Guidelines recommended.  That doesn't mean all the various religions didn't have services, instead they did presentations to the pews.  One ingenious church took photos of it's members and taped them to the pews.  No pictures, No Problem, Type the Family Name on a piece of paper that got taped up.  Kudos to whoever came up with the idea and I expect it will be plagurized by many other religious groups in the near future.

We have also been scouring the web for fun photos to post related to this mess.  If you have a moment check the humor section to see what we have found recently.  

                          April 5, 2020

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and how it is affecting everyone, some of the Blue Knights events have been cancelled and or rescheduled.  If you have reservations for an event, or plan on showing up somewhere, we encourage you to call and confirm the event is still going on.


Many of us who are Shelter in Place, but also considered essential employees are still doing what we were hired on to do; To Protect and Serve.  Please understand that many of the Public Safety folks pushing rigs, running code and responding to calls for service are doing the best they can.  If you see a rig, squad or ambulance rolling wave to them, give them a thumbs up or a smile. They will appreciate it.  If they are running hot (you know bubble gums flashing, noise makers making noise), please get the heck out of their way. They are on a mission!

                        March 28, 2020

As most in public service know, a religious presence is common in our business.  They are usually in the background their to give comfort, provide blessings or just hold someones hand.


We at MN-IV are fortunate to have Pastor Mike in our corner.  It is known that he is always running from one thing to another.  In this time, the webmaster decided to institute Operation Pester the Pastor with Positive thoughts.  The men, women, spouses and others set Pastor Mike in their sites and that was that.  Pastor Mike responded with thanks to each and everyone who participated in Pester the Pastor with Positive thoughts.


We encourage every other Blue Knights, Red Knights, Green Knights, or other organization that has a religious figure to do the same.  Send them an e-mail, text, smoke signals (as long as it isn't raining) letting them know that you are thinking of them and hoping they are holding up as they are being pulled in multiple directions.  Remember how good you felt after you and your team busted your butt on a particularily busy shift and one of the bosses spoke up about how proud he/she was of you and your work to anyone that would listen. Right now the religious folks are hoping the 'man' upstairs is listening to their prayers, but they could use some positive words while still here among us.

                        March 27, 2020

At 23:59, those of us here in the Land of 10,000 taxes are told be begin a Shelter in Place order with various legitimate excuses for being out and about.  

We are doing our best to behave, but you can only polish the chrome on your new Harley so much right Emilio?  


Therefore by B.K. Executive Order MN0IV 2020-01, It is hearby strongly encouraged that you go outside and take a walk, throw a football, play catch, walk the dog, listen to the birds sing, wave at the neighbors and keep on keepin on!

                        March 22, 2020

        Today, is National Goof Off Day!  Celebrate it like a Rock Star!

                        March 21, 2020

Well, it seems like lots of people are losing their common sense over the Corona Virus illness.  Remember folks, it's a super flu.  Just like the regular flu, don't share it with ANYONE.  IF you think you have it based on the symptoms, STAY HOME, Don't come to work, Don't hug your loved ones.  The quicker you get over it, the quicker those in your home and work places will appreciate being able to see you.  


Now we know many of you are considering various medications to overcome it, however it has been confirmed by Dr. Feelgood that the following are short term only.

1) Eating Twinkies or Ho Ho's.

2) Drinking clear colored alcohol.

3) Drinking Dr. Pepper pop.

4) Eating Doritos or any other chips.

5) Staying up all hours of the day and night while trying to pretend you are a rock star.


Now that you know what are short term fixes, go the long term route. 

Get lots of rest.

Try to maintain a normal schedule for your life.

Eat healthy, regular meals.

Drink lots of water.

Take your normal prescriptions.

If you have a fever, try taking some fever reducing medication.

Cough drops and eye drops can be your friend.


Good Health to all of you!


                        March 17, 2020

Due to the public health safety issues, our normally scheduled monthly meeting has been cancelled.  If you wish to contact us, please do so via e-mail.  You will notice the direct link on the upper left of this page.


                            Stay Healthy My Friends!

                         March 7, 2020

There is salt & sand still on the road, and the corners are full of potholes!

                           March 6, 2020

The month of March is going to make things really interesting for those of us in MN-IV.  


First off we have the change from Regular to Daylight Savings Time.  Leave it to politicians to somehow try to save time.


Second we have a full moon here in the land of 10,000 Lakes.  It is on March 9 and known as a Super Worm Moon.  Because of this we are reminding everyone to make sure their powder is dry just in case the Zombies raise their head.


Third we get Friday the 13th.  For those of you who have worked in public safety you know what that means; Overtime because of people making foolish and sometimes stupid mistakes.

                           March 5, 2020

The weather guessers are saying that it will be mid 40's on Saturday, and Mid 50's on Sunday.  Here is hoping that Belinda, Dave, Ian and all the others are right!

                       February 29, 2020

Since the Corona Virus has reared it's ugly head, many people are preparing like it is the begining of the Zombie Apocolyapse and they may be right but...How many rolls of toilet paper, containers of cleaner and cases of water do you need?  Costco got 2 pallets of water in the other weekday.  According to the employees it was all gone 2 hours later.

The MN version!

                        February 1, 2020

Theoretically, you should all have your tax documents by now.  Then you can start filling out the forms.  Try to avoid the version shown below.

                        January 17, 2020

Well it's official folks.  The snow-pocalypse  is going to happen.  Currently the weather guessers are predicting the following for our area (See photo).


For those who have loved ones in public safety, you know what that means...overtime.


For those of you pushing a rig, squad, ambulance, and snow plows, please remember most people won't see you until they are right up on you.  Make sure you wear your high visibility vests, practice evasive driving skills and don't overdrive your bubble gums.  Just because you can get traction and start moving doesn't mean you can stop nearly as quickly as on dry pavement.  


Finally, don't forget the dispatchers who will be inundated with phone calls and radio traffic.  Be nice to them!  If not you will spend your entire shift directing traffic on the high bridge in the snow, sleet, cold and wind, while waiting for a plow truck to back up from the closest exit since it's too slippery for them to drive forward.  They will be backing on the salt & sand they drop so the rear wheels will have traction in order to help at the crash you are working.


Speaking of crashes, this looks like a typical snow day on Highway 10 at Highway 610 in Coon Rapids, MN.

                      December 24, 2019

Dear Santa, When you come down the chimney, carefully step over the kitty or else you will wake her!

                    December 7, 2019

Today, marks a historic day in our countries history that lead to a war and the loss of many lives from many countries.  

In the last several days their have been 2 different 'active shooter' incidents on military bases.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the injured, and survivors of the deceased as well as our other military members stationed across the world.  We hope everyone is able to return safely to their homes during the holidays or at the least be safe where they are stationed.

          November 28, 2019 / Turkey Day

This week and especially today is one of lots of travel by train, plane, stage coach, SUV, boat, or transporter.  Make sure you keep your eyes open for all those other people on the roadway...especially on your way home after all the turkey and deserts!

                   November 11, 2019

Yesterday was the birthday of the Unce Sam's Misguided Children and today is Veterans Day.  We wish each and everyone a great day.  Remember those who fought for our freedoms and made the ultimate sacrifice.  Tell those that you meet you appreciate their service.  

Today, the webmaster met a gentleman who spent his 20th birthday and quite a few years afterwards in Korea as a U.S.Army Grunt.  He spoke about those he lost and those who came home injured.  He was very sad to talk about how our country is tearing itself apart because of the distrust, lies, and belief that everyone is entitled to everything without working for it.  

If you are so inclined consider saying a prayer or two for our military members when you get a chance. 

                   November 11, 2019

Today, our high in the Twin Cities without the windchill matched the previous record of 18 F.  Our windchill was -4F.  I hate to say it, but it's time to wash the bike, change the oil, fill the tires, pull the battery, etc.  Winter has arrived in Minnesota :-(

                     November 10, 2019

    Ted E. Bear turned 34 years old.  Did you remember to send him a card?

                    August 16 - 18, 2019

The Nowthen Threshing Show was this weekend.  Many dedicated Blue Knights volunteered to staff the exhibitors gate for this event.  The show donated a sizeable amount of money for the expertise of those who can direct traffic and keep order.  The donated money is distributed to various charities and other organaizations to help out.  WE also make donations to public safety families when their Peace Officer has made The Ultimate Sacrifice.  We pray that we won't ever have to make another donation due to a Peace Officers loss of life, but unfortunately we know better.  



                           July 27, 2019

Today was the funeral service for Anthony 'Tony' Rollins.  Tony was killed in a motor vehicle rollover crash.  Tony was the only son of a proud family devoted to public safety and making the community better.  He was the North Branch F.D. Safety Captain.


Pastor Mike Haseltine and the staff at Maranatha Church made sure the entire event was handled with the utmost respect as always.  


Many members of Public Safety Agencies were present to offer their respect and support for Tony and his family.  Many members of the public were present and it was often heard about Tony's passion for kids and the desire to serve.


One of the best stories was of he and a partner had a couple of hours one day. What to do on a warm day, but go to the fire station, take out a rig in search of every lemonade stand they could find.  They found them and many kids sold lemonade while getting to try on helmets and turnout gear.  


The Blue Knights had the priviledge to also stand in the honor guard line.  Many firefighters were trying to figure out who those guys with the badges and vests were.  Soon the word went out those guys are cops showing respect for a public safety member.  

                           July 17, 2019

All right Mother Nature, I know I told you I wanted some nice weather for summer motorcycle riding, but come on really...Half the country appears to be under water.  The other half is turning into the Sahara Desert.  I know you like sand and humidity, but here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, we want to enjoy some weather outside.  For the rest of you having good weather, ride as often as you can.  We will ride in early mornings and late evenings.  That's the closest we get to a dry heat!

                           May 24, 2019

It's Memorial Day Weekend.  That means their are a lot of things to help kick off summer.  The first thing everyone should remember is we have freedoms because of our military.  We have safety and security because of Public Safety.  Don't ever forget that!

                            May 8, 2019

Mother Nature and Old Man Winter just won't seem to give it up.  Today, it was a blustey 44 F and it rained on and off all day.


Come on Mother Nature, we want to ride our motorcycles to all the open houses including Dr. Mudspringers this coming Saturday.


                          March 13, 2019

Well, it has happened.  Mother Nature, Jack Frost and Old Man Winter combined their efforts to slow down our motorcyle riding season.  It seems that Mother Nature decided to warm our state which caused melting of snow.  Jack Frost has kept the temperature at 32 so we have ice coated roads and sidewalks under the melting snow.  Old Man Winter decided to get in on the action when Mother Nature was sleeping and Jack Frost wasn't looking.  He took the temperature well below freezing so that when everyone wakes up the sidewalks and roads are ice rinks.  Now had in the fact that all the heating and freezing has caused many cracks in the roadways that will need filling / repairs, it may not be until September before we get on our bikes.  


I wonder if I could get use to 70F with snakes, tornadoes and other challeges of the sunbelt?

                     February 10, 2019

                        February 2, 2019


Tomorrow is the Superbowl.  You know, that football game where talented athletes and team owners make a boat load of money.  I think they should all donate their money from this game to charitable organizations for the states the teams are from.  Imagine how much those extra funds could be used to help those truly in need.  

                        January 21, 2018

As many of you in the Twin Cities may already know, Dr. Mudspringers closed the location they were at.  They have now become part of St. Paul Autos Group. The new address is 2375 Moundsview Blvd. (County Road 10 & H2), Mounds View, MN.  The business phone is still (763) 785-2191.  Randy is excited to be moving forward toward his goal of retirement sometime in the future. Personally, I don't know how such a young looking man can be thinking such things.  Randy is excited and looks forward to seeing many of his customers stop in and give the new place a once over.  While you are there support your local business and buy a gadget, maintenance item, or newly needed riding item.  Don't wait until the weather is nice and the items aren't in stock.

                       December 9, 2018

Welcome to our web site.  Much of the older information has been purged in order to allow new material.  You will see that the club is devoted to fun and foolishness, while the web master provides unique commentaries and solicitations for more fun materials.


If you are a licensed professional peace officer, active or retired and ride a motorcycle (doesn't matter if it's 2 or 3, Loud pipes or sewing machine quiet) you probably qualify to be a member of the group.  We often get asked questions about the club and they are addressed under F.A.Q.  


Since it's the time of year when Jolly Old Saint Nick is making preperations for the big day, it's only important we help him out.  If you wish to donate to those less priviledged, feel free to do so.  Many organizations help out for children includingToys for Tots and the Anoka County Christmas Committee.  Over our careers many of us have been aware of those in need.  If you have the ability consider helping out those less fortunate.  


Finally, our senior citizens and many of them are Veterans may be alone over the upcoming holiday.  Consider what you can do to improve the holidays for them.

Every state has at least one place like this.  Send us a photo of your place and location, so we can list it as a future destination.

           September 3, 2018 / Labor Day

Labor Day in the United States of America is a public holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September. It honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws, and well-being of the country. 

                       August 12, 2018

Retired Minnesota State Patrol Trooper SP247, Rob Frisby has passed away after putting up a courageous tough fight with cancer.


Rob began with the MN State Patrol in 1990.  He is survived by his wife, daughter and the men and women of public safety.  


May God bless the Frisby family and especially watch over all of the Troopers  at this difficult time.

                          July 4, 2018


Today is Independence Day.  It is a day we should learn from our countries history.  It was built on people fleeing from oppression.  Once here the people helped to make this country great.  Unfortunately, it seems like many of the people here have forgotten our history.  Now it seems like everyone wants the country to change to meet their special thoughts, needs, desires.


As was once said: Ask Not What Your Country Can Do, What Can You Do For Your Country?


           Make America Great Again!



                          June 15, 2018

Today, Blaine Police Officer Steve Nanney and his wife Susie were killed while out on their motorcycle enjoying their day off.  A individual operating a truck crossed the center line and hit the Nanneys motorcycle head on.  Despite the immediate arrival of off-duty medical service the Nanneys were pronounced at the scene.


We take solice in knowing that Steve and Susie were doing what they enjoyed together.  We hope that the roads in Heaven are clear of debris, inattentive drivers and always in good condition with sunlight and a gentle breeze at their back.


Steve had just completed his last year as the Blaine H.S. School Resource Officer.  To see what he meant to many of the different kids, view this Video. Steve had promised to attend a students graduation party.  Unfortunately, he couldn't do it, but I can PROUDLY say that Blaine and Coon Rapids Police Officers went in his place.  If one cop falls, another steps up and fills in where they can.  A tip of the hat to the David and King Officers who filled in for Badge 171, Gone but not forgotten!


Finally our hearts go out to each and every member of Blaine Police Department, and all the lives Steve and Susie touched, Godspeed!  


In lieu of flowers, the families of Steve and Susie are prefering donations which will be directed to Special Olympics, Educational Scholarships and Youth Education related to traffic safety.  Donations can be sent to 21st Century Bank, 9380 Central Ave. N.E., Blaine, MN  55434.  They should be marked Attention: Blaine Police Federation FBO Officer Steve and Susie Nanney.  A link can be found here  Go ahead and match the Blue Knights MN IV donation of $500.00.

I dare you!

This years Northland Road Rally is being held to honor Officer Steve Nanney and his wife Susie.  Steve was a tireless advocate of Special Olympics.  For more details watch the events page.  Northlands Web page can be found here.

Peace Officers - If you are having a rough day and feeling like no one likes you and your job, go to the following website.  SIGforum


Para and many of the members of SIGforum, are strong proponets of professional peace officers who have a tough job to do.  Just read some of the comments and you will start feeling better!

      Proudly Posted videos for Peace Officers!

Introduce yourself to your neighbors.  They may want to go for a ride on your motorcycle.  You could have another person become a member of the motorcycle community, or at least not be afraid of them.