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We are located in the Minneapolis / St. Paul Metro Area.

Welcome to our web site.  Much of the older information has been purged in order to allow new material.  You will see that the club is devoted to fun and foolishness, while the web master provides unique commentaries and solicitations for more fun materials.


If you are a licensed professional peace officer, active or retired and ride a motorcycle (doesn't matter if it's 2 or 3, Loud pipes or sewing machine quiet) you probably qualify to be a member of the group.  We often get asked questions about the club and they are addressed under F.A.Q.  

If you are interested in joining our organization, please send an e-mail to MN4@blueknights.org  We will respond to your request for further information.

                    February 4, 2023


You have 10 days before that made up holiday of Valentines is upon us.  We know you care about your spouse, significant other, children and grandchildren every day, but this is a day to GO BIG!


First, order of business, get reservations for a dinner with your honey someplace special.  If you can't get in on the 14th go before or after.  Just make sure the card you give that special person spells out that you didn't forget, you just didn't realize how difficult it would be to get reservations.


Second, make sure you get a card for the special person.  Get a couple of extra cards from the pets for him/her.  They are a pet lover right?  


Third, pick up a special dessert for nibbling on the 14th at home, for just the 2 of you.


Fourth, if they are still working, have flowers, candy, motorcycle parts, chrome polish, etc. delievered to them at work.  Save the delivery fees and tell your friend you will deliver for them and they can deliver for you after you stopped for coffee to catch up.


Fifth, if their are children or grandchildren, don't forget them.  A Be My Valentines Day card for a child would mean the world to them.  They know that big tough Grandpa or Grandma, would do anything in the world to keep them safe.  If you want to really win points, make sure some candy goes with it or a gift card for fuel.


Send us an e-mail to know what ideas you have planned.  We will share them with others right here on this page.  YOU could be the person with the plan!

                       February 2023                                 is Beat the Heat (temperature) month

I'm pretty sure we did that with the first week of the month having a high of 0 Degree Farenheit, windchills ranging from -15 to - Oh My Frigging God, it's damn cold.

                    January 12, 2023

Today, Dan Harshman was rembered during a wake and remberance service. Dan was a long time member of the Blue Knights who had been valiantly fighting that common enemy cancer.  Although he didn't beat it, he gave it everything he had.  


A story about Dan from when he was working patrol for his agency.  Apparently, he saw a car that looked familiar, with a nefarious individual at the wheel.  Dan lit up the cherries, activated the siren and the car pulled to the shoulder. Spotlights, high beams and take down lights were used to illumiate the vehicle and its occupant.  Dan is his uniform made his approach.  As the drivers window went down, Dan said in a kind voice to his adult son "I Love You!"  Dan then returned to his squad.  The wall of light and cherries were turned off.  It wasn't said but it was implied that his son had something in his eye for a few minutes before he was able to start driving again.  Take the lesson from this and tell those around you that are important to you that you love them.  Time is too short.


Pastor Mike echoed the importance of telling those around you that you love them as well!

                      January 9, 2023

             National L.E. Appreciation Day

If you have a police officer as a friend or family member, National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day on January 9 is the perfect time to show officers we understand how difficult their job is. So it’s important to show officers how much we understand their difficult work and appreciate their sacrifice and risk.

For a while the United States’ idea of law enforcement was fairly loose. The Wild West was, well, wild. And most states and cities didn’t consider emergency services like firefighters and police officers to be necessary until much later than most would think. In the mid 1800s, most law enforcement was carried out in the form of posse comitatus, where the sheriff and a posse of volunteers and deputies (much like the stereotypical Westerns of the 1960s) would enforce laws rather than a centralized police force. 

Once the 20th century rolled around most larger cities, counties, and states had developed a centralized police or sheriff’s department. In doing so, most of the country slowly started to see a reduction in the “Wild West” and a more tame and domesticated America, despite many of the newly formed local authorities needing to pick sides in a rise of unionizing laborers going on strike. 

Whether its civil unrest, labor strikes, huge sporting events, or just helping a cat get down from a tree, law enforcement officers are a critical part of our lives, woven into the everyday fabric of living in America. They keep our neighborhoods safe and help ensure that whatever it is you need to do, you can do with peace of mind.

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day was created by multiple organizations in 2015 to express their gratitude for officers in the United States. In support of their services citizens are encouraged to do their part in thanking the law enforcers on this day. One of the main organizations to take the lead in this is C.O.P.S – Concerns of Police Survivors. According to them, law enforcement officers need to be shown that the difficult career path they have chosen is recognized by the people who they protect and uphold the law for. 

This holiday was triggered by the chain of events in 2014, when a police officer was involved in a crossfire shooting in Missouri. The backlash and violence that followed this event led C.O.P.S to take the initiative to change this negative portrayal of police officers in the news in recent years into a positive one. With over 900,000 officers in the United States, the organization believes it is essential to support law enforcers during difficult times, and a holiday dedicated to them does just that. The day also raises awareness on the importance of understanding that the difficult decisions taken by police officers are in the best interest of citizens and the law.

                        January 7, 2023

We are unsubscribing to 2023 - After the free 7-day trial we decided we don't like it!

                       January 1, 2023

As we start the new year we recognize, those that have left us in the last year and joined Heaven 1.

  • Dan Harshman
  • Bob Crawford


We also say goodbye to club members who have moved on due to a variety of reasons.  We wish each of them the best and good health.  

  • Jerry Dexter
  • Bruce Miller
  • Andrew Roeder

      December 31, 2022 / Just Announced!

                    December 31, 2022

Today is the last day of 2022.  It was also known as The Year of the Tiger.  Somehow that just doesn't seem descriptive enough.  


We are asking for your help to come up with a name or phrase to describe the year.  Years past have been known as dumpster fires, organized chaos, and by other names.  


The Best Submission to describe 2022.  2021 never ended...it just kept going on for 2 years!

                    December 24, 2022

         We will be at the party.  John Mclane swears it will be a great time!

              The Grinch / December 13, 2022

On December 13, 2022, a Tip came into Anoka County Central Communications (2800).  A citizen had spotted The Grinch in Andover (The Edina of the North). Immediately an alert was sent out to all on duty staff.  Everyone mobilized knowing how much the grinch was wanted.  


The SWAT Team loaded up in the Peace Keeper,  The Dive Team fired up The Airboat, The Aerial Unit drones were activated.  

Neighboring agencies activated and immediately took up a perimiter to make sure he wasn't able to escape.

The DNR responded on snowmobiles.  

The State Patrol Aircraft Unit was already in the air with helicopters and aircraft.  The Red Knights set up the multi-story ladders to watch over the scene.  

The Green Knights mobilzed a Field Force as well.  

Allina staged ambulances in case The Grinch decided to put up a fight and needed medical care afterwards.


2800 reserved a channel for the ongoing search to locate and take The Grinch into custody.  The men and women of public service were not going to let him get away on their watch.  


In short order The Grinch was in custody.  No one was hurt and Christmas was saved.  


The Grinch was taken to the Anoka County Bed & Breakfast where he was going to be held without bail.


Pastor Mike said that he had a feeling The Grinch was going to turn over a new leaf and argued for his release.  In the spirit of good will, the Anoka County Judges ordered that The Grinch be released into Pastor Mikes care.


Pastor Mike said that after The Grinch spends christmas with all the good people of Maranatha Church, their is no way he will be able to avoid the Christmas Spirit!

                    Some Christmas Humor

                         December 2022

Today, the 1st means it's time to get serious about shopping for your loved ones.  It also means americans say Merry Christmas, Happy Hannuka or for the Seinfeld TV show folks Happy Festivus!  Seasons Greetings is also ok but don't be suprised if you get Merry Christmas back at you.  


For those non-denominational folks who don't like to use any of the above or don't like God, America or public safety...We wish each of you a Merry Christmas anyway.

      November 24, 2022 / Thanksgiving Day

                     November 23, 2022

So today, a certain someone who works in a public safety agency, found out a co-worker had been exposed to a person with Covid.  Yep, you guessed it.  Covid got shared with co-workers, famiily members and computers.  As you may have noticed their hadn't been any updates of substance since November 14, 2022.  We were too busy, with sinus headaches, flem production, sleeping in 20 minute increments, coughing, wheezing and wearing ourselves out between the bed, couch and other areas.  The good news is that with no appetite it is easy to lose weight.  Please bear with us as we try to drive the Covid out of our systems, software, households, etc.

                     November 14, 2022

Today, the Edina of the North as well as the Great State of Minnesota awoke to snow and in some cases ice under the snow.  As we all know that means Mother Nature has turned us over to Jack Frost and his freezing cousins wind and chill! Naturally, that means the motorcycles are put to sleep until next spring.  For those of you in warmer clients get a few extra rides in for us!

          November 11, 2022 / Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day.  As many know it is a day to recognize those who have served in the armed forces of our great country.  If you know a Veteran, tell them thank you for their service other than today only!

                     November 10, 2022

    Ted E. Bear turned 37 years old.  Did you remember to send him a card?

  November 5, 2022 / End of Daylight Savings

October 31, 2022-Halloween Storm Anniversary

Do you remember where you were on October 31, 1991?  Were you in a squad trying to help people out of the ditch?  Were you on a high bridge stationary with your light bar hoping people slowed down before the 25 MPH right hand curve?  Were you wiping the top of your squad off every 20 minutes, because the snow kept piling up and blocking the lights front and rear?  This year the weather guessers have promised a nice evening for all the kiddos.  Make sure you take your time through the neighborhoods as the trick or treaters only know the thrill of obtaining sugar and forget to look out for vehicles.

         October 22, 2022 / Fall Colors Ride

Today Scott G. and his bride Lori 'Shoes' G., led a group of Blue Knights and GWRRA (Gold Wing Road Riders Assocation) on a fall colors ride.  The group departed from Hastings, MN, and traveled many back road with twistys and turns.  Lunch was at Big Boy BBQ in Hudson, WI.  The staff did a great job caring for this large of a group.  The weather was beautiful with lots of sun and slight to moderate wind.  The colors were nice to see but not as vibrant as sometimes in the past.  After the lunch, Scott led the group of fun loving, slightly stuffed riders and passengers through the farm fields where a lot of corn was still standing.  The farmers are obviously very busy trying to get the crops in.  Still the group enjoyed riding through the communities of Boardman, WI and other small communities.  

As is usual on a late fall day with beautiful weather their were many other riders out on 2 and 3 wheels.

Our thanks to Scott and Lori for organizing and leading the great ride today!!!

                      October 2, 2022

It is that time of year.  We need to start thinking about having sprinkler systems blown out, lowering the mower deck, cleaning the gutters, getting in as many more rides as possible while the weather is nice.  Don't forget our daylight riding is getting shorter.  Makes sure all your lights work.  Watch out for kids and 4 legged fury creatures darting across the roads without thinking.

                  September 17, 2022

On September 17, 2022, our monthly meeting was held.  All the cool kids were in Missouri for the Fall MWRC Conference.  Those of left behind pouted and then got on with completing our mission.  The Fearless Foursome held the monthly meeting with the skill of a surgeon and the speed of a professional responding to a child not breathing call.  After a whole 12 minutes it was over with.  No band, no fanfare, no fireworks, no nothing.  It was almost anti-climatic.  A new record for the shortest meeting had just been set.  Hmm, how best to celeberate it.  I know lets send a text to every Blue Knight at the Saturday conference business meeting (a standing commitment).  Just as we guessed the members were still sitting in their meeting mulling over the latest thought / suggestion submitted.  

       September 11, 2022 - 21 Years After

Twenty one years ago, a group of terrorists attacked our country.  They used our own good nature and trust to take over 4 airplanes and kill thousands of Americans.  If you were alive at the time, you can probably remember where you were.  Many of us were at work.  After the first tower was hit we like so many were hoping it was a horrible accident.  Unfortunately, it wasn't an accident.  It was terrorism against the U.S.A.  Their goal was to kill as many americans as possible.


Those of us working straightened up, double checked our gear, maybe even added a few other supplies and went out to back up our partners where ever they were and prepare to go headlong into any danger that dared to cross our paths.  I know of unmarked squads riding 'heavy'.  Patrol officers on 'routine' calls were suddenly being backed by Detectives and administrators.  Schools suddenly had a presence of unmarked, dark tinted window vehicles, with somber men and women praying that nothing happed to their charges.   Violent Crime and Drug Task Force Officers who work undercover were out as well. These individuals are normally armed to the teeth and this was no exception. Dispatch centers were inundated with calls of every kind.  The dispatchers demonstrated professionalism and tact while advising people that the public safety folks are out there and will continue to be.  To a person everyone was hoping for the best and preparing for the worst in case someone dared to mess in their community.  


Spouses were told we are fine and will be home late.  The spouses knew what was going on.  Their loved ones were once again honoring their oath to Serve and Protect.  


Unfortunately, the terrorists were able to turn 2 airplanes into bombs and struck the North and South World Trade Center Towers in N.Y.C.  As many of you know, 'The Towers' ultimately imploded.  One airplane bomb was flown into the Pentagon.  The 4th Airplane was forced to crash in a field rather that its possible target of the White House.  A group of indidivuals on the 4th plane knew that they were going to be sacrificed by the terrorists, because of what they had learned while in the air.  They were able to fight back against their captors with the war cry 'Let's Roll'.  They gave their lives in order to stop the terrorists from succeeding in their destination.  Many civilian and public safety lives were lost as a result of the airplane bombs.  


As the events unfolded during the day, their was talk of United We Stand, We are One, Remember Flight 93, etc.  Politicans came out talking about how we are united and we will not let this atrocity go unanswered. 


During the unfolding of these events, many of our military personnel who were stateside training, enjoying a little R&R, etc. were activated.  It's been reported that some of the more notable Special Operations sites were buzzing with activity and then those sites were empty a day later.  Military personnel literally disappeared from the sites.


The only thing flying was U.S. Military.  Everything else had been grounded.  It seems a lot of those F16s, C130's and other craft suddenly had a need to be in the air and they weren't wasting any time.  Navy ships locations were not being advertised, but we all knew what was going on.  


During the subsequent days, many politicans came out speaking about Unity and how a sleeping giant had been awoken.  


Today, it is 21 years later and our great country is divided by our politicians who seem more intent than ever to ruin our country.  One politican in 2020 even described 9/11 as 'some people did something'.  That politician who was born outside of the USA and is still in office.  On August 31, 2021, all of our troops left Afghanistan, and the longest war in our countries history ended.  The US Military left behind aircraft, vehicles, weapons, communications and a multitude of other items.  The Taliban who took credit for the 9/11 events now are better armed than ever thanks to the decision by unknown individuals to leave equipment behind.  The politicians are now saying that we need to bring even more people who helped during the war into the USA as refuges.  


Our wish is that their is never another horrific event like 9/11 in the US or anywhere else!  Hopefully, we have learned from our mistakes.


Be Safe and remember our fallen.

                        July 4, 2022

Today is suppose to be a day of celebration, joy, good food, family, and fireworks.  





                      June 18, 2022

                          Bob Crawford Memorial Service

Today, the Blue Knights MN IV stood as a silent honor guard for Original Member Bob Crawford.  The entire Crawford family said it was what Bob wanted and we were happy to make it happen.  Judy was transported in their motorcycle sidecar, holding Bob's remains.  Upon arrival, they were met by a full Blue Knights Honor Guard.  Members took 15 minute watches, until it was time for the ceremony.  


The leader of the facility advised he didn't feel right wearing his normal outfit and then slipped on his black leather jacket.  He fit right in with all the people wearing HD clothing or HD colors (black & orange).  


The family spoke about the 2 sides of the man.  Stearn, Fair and hard working.  However he always had time for a malt no matter if it was with a child, a senior or anyone in between. 


Apparently the young kids were not allowed to watch what Bob put in the malts, but he pulled out tobasco sauce, black pepper, mushrooms, pickles and anything else he could find to put on the counter.  Then he would convince the kids they were getting flavorful malts from all the special ingredients.


In the end their were lots of tears, but many good hearted stories were shared. We are looking forward to the completed project the neices are working on.

         June 5, 2022 / Blessing of the Bikes

Pastor Mike and his crack staff / volunteers, once again brought together another successful Blessing of the Bikes.  Despite the 90 F + temperatures and bright sun, everyone had a great time.  Over 1,000 bikes were blessed this year.


If you have never been to this service with this event, put it on your schedule for next year.  In one of the photos you see a big kid with an even bigger smile rolling on and revving his custom green chopper.  Yes, Pastor Mike does ride and in particular he rides through the church (every aisle).  The place was rocking with all the engine noise, clapping, cheering and laughing.  


Once again, The Blue Knights and Red Knights want everyone to know how much we appreciate being invited to particpate in this event!

Memorial Day is a day to honor those who died serving in our countries armed forces.  It doesn't matter what branch they were in, they died for our country. 

                         May 4, 2022

Although today is unofficially known as May the 4th be with you, it is also a sad day for those of us in MN IV.  


One of the original members Bob Crawford, has left us.  Apparently he was the force (4th) needed to keep Roger, Dale and Marj out of trouble.  We can only imagine the storytelling / B.S. being told in Blue Knights Heaven 1 chapter.


Bob was here and then suddenly gone.  He was known as a traveler with his ever present bride Judy keeping him company.


As we mourn the passing of Bob with his family and extended network of friends, we hope each of them will find peace in rembering the good times.   Please say an extra prayer for Bob, Judy and their family at this difficult time.

                         May 4, 2022

All right all you closet Science Fiction Fans, You know what today is.  Celebrate it like a Wookie after defeating the empire!  Are you reading this Lance?

               April 1, 2022 (April Fools Day)

                       March 5, 2022

Starting 2 days ago, the weather guessers were telling us to prepare for high winds, rain, partial sunshine and then rain overnight from the 4th to the 5th.  The State and County maintenance crews went out yesterday and sprayed the roads with anti-stick / anti-icing compound that literally customizes white vehicles with ugly green splotches.  It doesn't affect the paint, but until it's no longer picked up by the vehicle tires, it makes cars look icky.  This morning the weather guesser correctly identified it rained last night.  Currently it's 34 F  and no wind.  This does not mean you should go out for a short ride.  It only means, snow is melting, corners still contain ice, sand and other debris.  If they are right tomorrow will be a day for a minimum of 4 wheels and chains.


DO NOT try to put chains on your motorcycle no matter if you have 2 or 3 wheels.  They will only damage your custom rim lights, wreck fairings with custom paint, and of course the icky green will give you icky green spots that you will have spend the next month cleaning off and then re polishing the body panesl and wheels.


Be good and know that we will see clean roads soon.  In the meantime work on your Honey Do list.  We all have them.

                   February 24, 2022

Many of the northern folks like to poke fun at our southern relatives and friends.  Today, a friend in the south was complaining about the heat, bugs, gators, etc.,


We calmly reminded them that we are happy the last mosquito of 2021 has finally disappeared.  Granted it was frozen in the windchill but at least the 2021 pests are gone.  Wish we could say that about our weird friends and relatives...unless we are the weird friends and relatives...hmmm  Are you one of THEM?

                  02/22/2022 @ 02:22

What were you doing at this most auspicious, infamous moment in time?


The webmaster was awoken by one of the guard cats to let him know it's time to play!  


Let us know what you were doing as long as it isn't any more descriptive than cuddling.  

                    February 18, 2022

Today, the webmaster was reminded that the movie Soylent Green was set in 2022.  Let's hope things don't get that bad!

                    February 13, 2022

Today is the Football Superbowl.  Two teams of highly paid athletes will intentionally engage in physical contact to prove which team has more luck, skill, determination and drive to win a game.


Somehow it seems wrong that as the President and so many other politicians and physicians are saying don't socialize with others outside of your immediate home, wear face mask coverings, maintain a 6 foot distance, have your shots and booster, etc.  How is it that the Covid virus can tell who to affect and who not to affect?  Trust us, when I say, those football players are well within 6 feet of each other even before the ball is hiked, much lesss when the ball carrier is tackled.

                       January 1, 2022

As we start the new year we recognize, those that have left us in the last year.

  • Dale Clausson
  • Roger Gleason
  • Marj Masley
  • Brandon Young


We also say goodbye to club members who have moved on due to a variety of reasons.  We wish each of them the best and good health.  

  • Bruce A.
  • Tim C.
  • Bill H.
  • Mike K.
  • Paul S.

                      December 31, 2021

Well it is the end of the year and what a year it has been.  Covid which was suppose to be a short term event starting in 2019 is still sticking around.  Many people are already on their 3rd shot in hopes they are not affected by this virus.  


Hopefully, with our upcoming change of weather on January 1, 2022, the weather will cancel out the disease.  They are forecasting chilly weather.  Temperatures may break zero but the wind chill will be as low as -40F.  In the MWRC that means we may have to close the windows, turn off the air conditioning, put on a long sleeve shirt, and wear a light jacket outside.  


Seriously, though it is going to be cold.  Check on your loved ones and the neighbors who live alone or don't have anyone.  

                        October 1, 2021

Today the family and friends of Brandon Young laid him to rest beside his bride who preceded him in death.  The event was a respectful, yet somber event with many happy memories shared by those present.  Law Enforcement Officers from multiple agencies active and retired attended the visitations and service to honor Brandons memory.


It was an impressive site going to the cemetary with a Lino Lakes squad driven by one of the officers who worked with Brandon.  Yes, all the flashing lights were doing their thing.  The collective motorcycle riders and Blue Knights then followed.  Brandons friend and riding partner Dave had the priviledge to ride the white Indian Motorcyle Brandon had named Willow.  The family asked the Blue Knights to ride escort to the burial site with Dave and Willow.


Brandon is the 4th member of our chapter we lost this year.  He had recently been fighting some serious medical issues.   Unfortunately, the combination of diseases where too much for him to overcome despite the dedicated medical care he received.


Brandon had been a part of his church for over 40 years.  During that time he was known to be a kind and generous man with a sense of humor and musically talented.   


Brandon was a well known individual who impacted many young people through his work as a school liasion officer.  He was known for wanting to be annonymous many times when doing charity.  One example is his paying for lunches for school children who couldn't afford them.  No child should go hungry was his motto.


Many of the tales shared included his sense of humor and jokes he would pull. He was known to often pull out the blue rotary desk phone at school and tell the children that he would call his friend ask them for the answer to a question. Brandon apparently had direct dial numbers to everyone including Santa Claus!


Brandon also taught young drivers the rules of the road, how to be safe and to always look for motorcycles.  


Brandon as you join your bride and other family members, ride safe.  We already know that you Rode your Motorcycles with PRIDE!!!

2021 Exiting the Blessing of the Bikes, while riding Willow, Maranatha Church

Fallen Officer's Ride, Maplewood, MN

Upper Peninsula Ride, Ironwood, Michigan

Spring 2021 Conference, Mulvane, KS

                       April 11, 2021

Today, a horrible accident happened in the twin cities.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the men and women of law enforcement.

     March 22, 2021 / End of Life Celebration

Today, the family of Marj Masley had a end of life celebration due to her unexpected passing.  The Blue Knights of MN IV, were honored to be present as an Honor Guard.  Marj was the eye candy for Morrie A., but she like every spouse / significant other and their children are considered part of our family. Marj was known as a motorcylce riding, fun loving, always smiling woman who was respected for her knowledge and opinions.  Please see our photos page.  

                   February 10, 2021

We just can't find the words to express how sad everyone is.  Our Blue Knights family lost another member today.  


Marj M., one of the Blue Knights Ladies sucummbed after having recent surgery.  Everything was looking positive and then in the blink of an eye it changed.  Obviously the man upstairs needed a helper to watch over everyone but I know none of us were ready to let her go.  


For those that knew Marj she was always ready with a kind word, smile or hug.  She will be missed by many and the world is a darker place without her light.  Please consider saying an extra prayer for her family and friends.  

                    February 7, 2021

Today is the Football Superbowl.  Two teams of highly paid athletes will intentionally engage in physical contact to prove which team has more luck, skill, determination and drive to win a game.


Somehow it seems wrong that as the President and so many other politicians and physicians are saying don't socialize with others outside of your immediate home, wear face mask coverings, maintain a 6 foot distance, etc.  How is it that the Covid virus can tell who to affect and who not to affect?  Trust us, when I say, those football players are well within 6 feet of each other even before the ball is hiked, much lesss when the ball carrier is tackled.

                    January 28, 2021

It is with a heavy heart that we have to report Roger G. has left our chapter and joined Heaven 1.  


Roger and his family are proud members of military and public service.  During the service on February 5, 2021, the adult children spoke about the love between Roger and his bride.  They also spoke of the importance of duty and honor.  Additionally, some of the grandchildren also spoke as part of the service. It was a far too short tribute to a man who always had a smile and kind word for everyone.  


The Washington County Sheriff's Office Honor Guard stood the watch prior to the mass.  Afterwards, they lined up in the -0 windchill outside the church posting the colors as the casket was escorted through the church to the hearse. The Blue Knights were given the honor to stand at the interior of the church as the casket and family walked out to the hearse.  It was a sad moment saying goodbye to Roger.  Those who attended the mass included lots of friends and family members.  We also saw a number of Peace Officers in uniforms or in suits.  They may have not been able to wear the uniform due to assignments, but trust us we saw them their.  Cops recognize cops wether or not they are still working! Their wasn't a dry eye among the group.  


Afterwards Roger and family were escorted to Ft. Snelling where a military honor guard was waiting.  The escort vehicle to Ft. Snelling was a motorcyle. How fitting is that!


As we age many of us have to give up our bikes and Roger struggled with that decision, but don't think for one second he didn't check over every bike that was at a meeting or event.  He teased some about how they haven't been out riding enough because their bike was too clean.  Then at the next bike he would tease someone about needing to clean their bike.  


Finally, here is a photo of Roger during a designated stop on a monthly ride. The driver of the 4 Wheel ATV went over hills, down the dales, and did some drifting with Roger as the passenger.  You couldn't pry that smile off Rogers face if you tried!

                    January 17, 2021

Today, a Blue Knight member has left the chapter behind.  He is now riding with the angels as the newest member of Heaven 1!  I'm sure that those who have gone ahead of him are showing him around and making sure he knows that although he is gone, his family will not forget him.


Dale C. was a retired officer from the Maplewood Police Department. He was a founding member of the Blue Knights MN IV Chapter in 1990.  


On January 23, 2021, a Blue Knights MN IV honor guard had the privilege to stand the watch.  Pastor Mike was present and as usual did an outstanding job.  

Emilio M., the ever present bagpipper, made sure to fill the building and great outdoors with his pipes sounding loud and proud.  


In particluar a special note should be made of Mike S. taking the lead to keep everyone informed as Dale neared his passing.  Mike as a young whippersnapper got to know Dale through the always smiling Morrie A. and has been a friend ever since.  


The family expressed their thanks to the Blue Knights for being a part of Dales extended family.  


A U.S. Army honor guard including a 1st Lt. was also present because of Dales military service.  It's always nice to see the military come in and go 'WOW, look at all those guys here honoring one of their own!'  The military provided a trumpter also.  You know the song he played and it always brings tears even in 14F weather.


Additionally, their was a Maplewood Police Squad, piloted by a sergeant with lots of hard earned hash marks on his sleeve.  Finally, some Maplewood P.D. retirees also attended to say goodbye to their partner.

                    December 31, 2020

Well it is finally here and what a year it has been.  Some people called 2020 the year of the dumpster fire due to the Covid-19 spread and other issues particularily in Minnesota.  I think that pretty accurately describes the last year.  



For many people it was down sizing or loss of jobs.  


For others they became a target of hatred because of their employment.  


We want all professional Peace Officers to know that you come from a proud, long tradition of honest, honorable work.  We hope each of you continue your work with a smile and a kind word, while making sure you go home to your family at the end of your shift.  


If you happen to be in uniform and hear that a previous customer paid for your coffee or pop, just enjoy it.  Odds are it was someone who had been where you are now and knows how difficult it can be. Enjoy the act of kindness and when you can pay it forward.

                        March 28, 2020

As most in public service know, a religious presence is common in our business. They are usually in the background their to give comfort, provide blessings or just hold someones hand.


We at MN-IV are fortunate to have Pastor Mike in our corner.  It is known that he is always running from one thing to another.  In this time, the webmaster decided to institute Operation Pester the Pastor with Positive thoughts.  The men, women, spouses and others set Pastor Mike in their sites and that was that.  Pastor Mike responded with thanks to each and everyone who participated in Pester the Pastor with Positive thoughts.


We encourage every other Blue Knights, Red Knights, Green Knights, or other organization that has a religious figure to do the same.  Send them an e-mail, text, smoke signals (as long as it isn't raining) letting them know that you are thinking of them and hoping they are holding up as they are being pulled in multiple directions.  Remember how good you felt after you and your team busted your butt on a particularily busy shift and one of the bosses spoke up about how proud he/she was of you and your work to anyone that would listen. Right now the religious folks are hoping the 'man' upstairs is listening to their prayers, but they could use some positive words while still here among us.

                        March 27, 2020

At 23:59, those of us here in the Land of 10,000 taxes are told be begin a Shelter in Place order with various legitimate excuses for being out and about.  

We are doing our best to behave, but you can only polish the chrome on your new Harley so much right Emilio?  


Therefore by B.K. Executive Order MN0IV 2020-01, It is hearby strongly encouraged that you go outside and take a walk, throw a football, play catch, walk the dog, listen to the birds sing, wave at the neighbors and keep on keepin on!

                        March 21, 2020

Well, it seems like lots of people are losing their common sense over the Corona Virus illness.  Remember folks, it's a super flu.  Just like the regular flu, don't share it with ANYONE.  IF you think you have it based on the symptoms, STAY HOME, Don't come to work, Don't hug your loved ones.  The quicker you get over it, the quicker those in your home and work places will appreciate being able to see you.  


Now we know many of you are considering various medications to overcome it, however it has been confirmed by Dr. Feelgood that the following are short term only.

1) Eating Twinkies or Ho Ho's.

2) Drinking clear colored alcohol.

3) Drinking Dr. Pepper pop.

4) Eating Doritos or any other chips.

5) Staying up all hours of the day and night while trying to pretend you are a rock star.


Now that you know what are short term fixes, go the long term route. 

Get lots of rest.

Try to maintain a normal schedule for your life.

Eat healthy, regular meals.

Drink lots of water.

Take your normal prescriptions.

If you have a fever, try taking some fever reducing medication.

Cough drops and eye drops can be your friend.


Good Health to all of you!


                       February 29, 2020

Since the Corona Virus has reared it's ugly head, many people are preparing like it is the begining of the Zombie Apocolyapse and they may be right but...How many rolls of toilet paper, containers of cleaner and cases of water do you need?  Costco got 2 pallets of water in the other weekday.  According to the employees it was all gone 2 hours later.

                           July 27, 2019

Today was the funeral service for Anthony 'Tony' Rollins.  Tony was killed in a motor vehicle rollover crash.  Tony was the only son of a proud family devoted to public safety and making the community better.  He was the North Branch F.D. Safety Captain.


Pastor Mike Haseltine and the staff at Maranatha Church made sure the entire event was handled with the utmost respect as always.  


Many members of Public Safety Agencies were present to offer their respect and support for Tony and his family.  Many members of the public were present and it was often heard about Tony's passion for kids and the desire to serve.


One of the best stories was of he and a partner had a couple of hours one day. What to do on a warm day, but go to the fire station, take out a rig in search of every lemonade stand they could find.  They found them and many kids sold lemonade while getting to try on helmets and turnout gear.  


The Blue Knights had the priviledge to also stand in the honor guard line.  Many firefighters were trying to figure out who those guys with the badges and vests were.  Soon the word went out those guys are cops showing respect for a public safety member.  

Peace Officers - If you are having a rough day and feeling like no one likes you and your job, go to the following website.  SIGforum


Para and many of the members of SIGforum, are strong proponets of professional peace officers who have a tough job to do.  Just read some of the comments and you will start feeling better!

Introduce yourself to your neighbors.  They may want to go for a ride on your motorcycle.  You could have another person become a member of the motorcycle community, or at least not be afraid of them.