Board of Directors


Quartermaster: Mike S.


Newsletter Editor: Larry K.




Chaplin: Pastor Mike Haseltine  



Unoffical Titles / Duties


Peacock: Dave S. due to his having a purple mohawk since his real hair disappeared.  What do you think PMD?


When he talks we listen: Jerry R.


Instigators: Morrie A., Russ H., Jim H.


No Offense Coordinator: Wally C.


Commander of Organized Confussion: The Other Dave, Sir David of the Rapids


Sunglass Donations to those in need: Emilio M.


The Contemplative One: Scott S.


Hey, Have you got a patch: Da Paz


The Hostess with the Mostess: Marj.


The Princess: We all know who that is.


Sure we can do that: The Other Larry


I've never tried that: Bill H.


The World Traveler: Bob C.


What can I do to help you: Larry K.


Paparazzi: Val


The Tazmanian Devil Controller: Deliliah / Miss Lily


The Kilt Squad: Emilio, Russ, Pastor Mike and now Wally!


The Webmaster for all: Wayne 


Put it all on Black: Maury


Put it all on Red: Scott G.


I'm only working 4 jobs, so sure I can go for a quick ride to AZ: Bruce A.


I forgot my vest... again: Dale C.


Radar: Ron R.


The Wolf Man: O.J.


Elmo: Emilio


Grover: Brian G.


Everyone knows her: June, but how many nicknames does she have?  Only she knows and she won't tell us!


Shoes: Lori G


Umm: Mike S.


Say: Doria S


Wonder Woman: Theresa N.  (Poor Theresa has been trying to avoid earning a nickname for quite a while, but she showed up at a meeting with a Wonder Woman shirt on.  Her husband said he wonders why she puts up with him and low and behold a nickname was created.)


Who will be next for an unofficial title?  Any B.K. can submit another member for nomination.  Send your information to the e-mail address shown.  If you are selected for inclusion, the name of who nominated you can be obtained by sending $3,000,000,000.00 in I-Tunes Gift Cards to The Other Dave's Retirement Fund.  Trust me, I will get back to you with the name of the person who submitted you, really!


This offer is subject to review by the Law Firm Of Huey, Louie and Dewey.  Void in Canada or anywhere with common sense.