In Memoriam

On this page we will pay honor to former Blue Knights and others who did not qualify for inclusion as a Heaven 1 member.  


May 30, 2024 - Minneapolis Police Offficer Jamal Mitchell, with others responded to a scene where people were being hurt.  Some information was possibly an active shooter with multiple people down.  Officer Mitchell found an injured individual and tended to him.  That individual turned out to be the suspect and he murdered Officer Mitchell.  That's right a cop trying to help people was murdered.  Let that sink in folks.  He was going towards the scene of probable gun fire to help.  A dirtbag took it upon himself to extinguish the life of someone who only wanted to help.  


February 18, 2024 - 3 Burnsville Public Safety Officers were murdered while at a scene trying to save 7 children.  We honor Police Officer Paul Elmstrand,  Police Officer Matthew Ruge and Firefighter / SWAT Paramedic Adam Finseth.  Although they are gone their examples of trying to save lives is a true example of 'To Serve and Protect'.  These individuals have been assigned to new postings in Heaven.  There they will watch upon their families, co-workers and community.  


March 17, 2023 - Lance Reddick, Actor known for his roles as a Police Officer in The Wire, Fringe and Bosch, passed today.  He was known for his strong roles who did the right thing for the right reason as a Peace Officer.


February 19, 2023 - Richard Belzer, Comedian, Actor, Consipiracy Theorist known as Detective John Munch, passed today.  He played a Police Detective for more than 20 years.


December 17, 2022 - Ronald D. Johnson The Blue Knights recognize that one of their own lost his father.  The member is a private individual.


December 16, 2022 - Gerald D. Nelson.  He was a Coon Rapids Police Cheif when he retired.  Many people didn't know it, but he often times, watched over new officers as a silent cover officer.  He admitted to doing it as a way to ensure individuals he hired were kept safe and did a good job.


October 28, 2022 - Vern Waldner the 'worlds' greatest volunteer passed away today.  He was the 3rd generation to serve in the U.S. Navy.  His children and grandchildren have continued to serve.  That's right 5 generations!

He was a member of the Anoka County Sheriff's Office Reserve Unit for 26 years and volunteered over 15,000 hours serving the community.  He also volunteered many additional hours at Alexandra House, Camilia Rose Assisted Living, Epiphany Pines Senior Living, Mothers Against Drunk Driving meetings, and the Coon Rapids Senior Center.  Vern was known for his willingness to take on any tasks as a volunteer.  He always had a smile or kind word but wasn't afraid to privately say It's all B******.   For those of you who know / knew Vern consider wearing your badge to his memorial or service to honor a man who could of been a sworn officer, but chose to be a proud supporter of the men and women in our military and law enforcement instead.  See Waldner Visitation / Service


October 3, 2022, - Susan Elaine (DeBerardini) Rohrer, was the long time partner in mischief of Dale Werth.  She navigated while Dale drove the Harley and was often heard to say; "Yes Dear".  She was a lover of Cats, Dogs and Horses.  She is missed by her family and friends.  


September 14, 2022 - Anoka City Police Officer Eric Groebner passed away at home due to a medical condition.  For those that don't know Anoka is the Halloween Capital of the World.  The staff of Anoka P.D. is small in numbers but big in heart and 'family'.  The agency is in recovery mode and assistance is being given to his wife and children.


Juy 21, 2022 - Former B.K. Bruce Anderson, left us today.  Bruce was known as a man who thought before making decisions, but wasn't above wanting to laugh or perhaps even play a joke or two on friends and co-workers.


December 31, 2021 - Betty White, actress, comedian, animal lover passed today.  She was said to be a class act and kind to everyone who crossed her path.  Sounds like a Blue Knight doesn't it?


October 18, 2021 - Colin Powell, former U.S. Secretary of State and retired 4-star general.  He has been described as an honest man and who can argue with a 4 star?


July 27, 2021 - Red Lake Police Officer Ryan Bialke was killed in the line of duty. He was responding to a report of a suicidal male inside a home with children. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.


May 24, 2021 - MN Conservation Officer Sarah Grell was killed while on duty in a motor vehicle crash.  She was known to be a dedicated family member and outdoors person.


February 10, 2021 - The Blue Knights lost a shining light today.  Marj Masley has departed this world.  She was always smiling and had a kind word or hug for everyone.  She could of been a Blue Knight but she chose a different path to help people.  She was the arm candy for Morrie A. and he knew it.  Our thoughts go out to Morrie, Mike S., her family and friends as they deal with the loss.

September 21, 2020 - Blue Knights offer their condolences as two of our own go through the difficult time of having lost an adult daughter to that nasty, evil, mean, illness; cancer.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to them as well as the family and friends of Trisha Haapoja.


July 27, 2019 - Today was the funeral service for Anthony 'Tony' Rollins.  Tony was killed in a motor vehicle rollover crash.  Tony was the only son of a proud family devoted to public safety and making the community better.  He was the North Branch F.D. Safety Captain.


Pastor Mike Haseltine and the staff at Maranatha Church made sure the entire event was handled with the utmost respect as always.  


Many members of Public Safety Agencies were present to offer their respect and support for Tony and his family.  Many members of the public were present and it was often heard about Tony's passion for kids and the desire to serve.


One of the best stories was of he and a partner had a couple of hours one day. What to do on a warm day, but go to the fire station, take out a rig in search of every lemonade stand they could find.  They found them and many kids sold lemonade while getting to try on helmets and turnout gear.  


The Blue Knights had the priviledge to also stand in the honor guard line.  Many firefighters were trying to figure out who those guys with the badges and vests were.  Soon the word went out those guys are cops showing respect for a public safety member. 

April 20, 2019 - MN Conservation Officer Eugene Wynn drowned in the line of duty.


November 30, 2018 - Former President George H.W. Bush Sr. passed and joined his wife Barbara in eternity.


August 12, 2018 - Medically Retired MN State Trooper Rob Frisby, SP247. He fought a tough battle against the enemy cancer.


April 17, 2018 - Former First Lady Barbara Bush.


April 15, 2018 - R. Lee Ermey - U.S.M.C. Gunnery Sergeant Ermey was known for various tv roles.  He was a strong proponet of all military branches and law enforcement.  He was a Glock Firearms ambasador and known for many quotes including "What is your major malfunction?"  R.I.P. Gunny OOH-RAH


2017 Carol Pendleton - Wife of former member Bert Pendleton and longtime Hennepin County Court Clerk.  She was a stong supporter of the Blue Knights.


September 12, 2017 - Bill Matthews - Wayzata Police Officer killed while removing debris from the roadway.


October 25, 2017 - Stanley Kowalski - The wrestler known as The Krusher and a tireless advocate for Homeless Veterans, The United Way, MN V.F.W.'s and an Anoka County Sheriff's Office Honorary Deputy.


October 19, 2015 - Scott Parks - He had a need, a need for speed!


March 14, 2014 - Willie Peltier - Maplewood Police Officer and over the road truck driver.  Proud grampa!


June 30, 2014 - Mendota Heights Police Officer Scott Patrick, killed in the line of duty.


April 13, 2009 - Larry Ferrier - A chief who always told his officers that it was their duty to go home to their family at the end of the shift.  "Don't get hurt on the job!"


March 22, 2004 - Tom Opheim - St. Paul Police Department's Detective on the "A Death in White Bear Lake" Case.


July 30, 1977 - Columbia Heights Police Officer Curtis Ramsdell, killed in the line of duty.