Ted E. Bear

                      February 3, 2019

My name is Ted E. Bear.  My birthday is November 10, and I turned 30 years young in 2015.  Don't tell me about human years vs. animal years.  A year is a year no matter what kind of math you use.  


I am a rolling stone.  Spring 2014, I moved from Iowa to Oklahoma.  Fall 2014, I moved again.  I started living with Minnesota IV.  After the Spring 2015 Conference I moved to live in Iowa.  Many people wonder why the contstant changing of homes.


I am an official ambassador for the Mid West Regional Conference of the Blue Knights.  I have been so for over 20 years.  As such, I am required to ensure where ever a conference is going to take place that I move to the upcoming host Chapter and supervise the preperations. As an ambassador my life is often in danger.  


As recent as Spring 2014, a large burly man, who said he was a regional webmaster tried to steal me from my friends at Iowa I.  Thank Goodness Snowman and his staff were there to protect me.  The same man tried to get me from Oklahoma II, before I moved to MN, but my protectors ensured he didn't get me.  Their was an attempted coup in the Fall of 2015, but the Large Burly Man was unsuccessful again.


 I'm not sure why he is trying to be so disruptive to my peaceful existance.  As a result I have now gone into hiding.  When I travel, their will always be a security detail with me.  You heard of Mitch Rapp?  Well his partners are my security detail.  Go ahead and try for me again Mister.


Now you know the Rest of the Story...

IF you are aware of who this guy is please help I.D. him.  He rides a Harley Davidson Trike and drives a GM SUV.  

This is the only known photo available of the large burly man...Can you I.D. him?
Me with Tom during the Fall 2014 Conference banquet. Tom was sad to know I was leaving but he kept his emotions in check.

I have hung out with the folks in OKC during the prep for the Fall 2014 Conference.  The folks in OKC protected me from the large burly man.  If you ever get to OKC, ask the guys where the best BBQ is.  You will get as many answers to that question as if you asked what is the best motorcycle.  Of course we all know it's a Honda Gold Wing.  Maybe if the large burly man rode a Gold Wing, he would enjoy the ride and stop trying to kidnap me. :-)

I am Dave S., a trained professional and I will defend Ted E. Bear from the large burly man!

Preparing to leave OKC under the cover of darkness. Trying to avoid the large burly man.

I left OKC in the early morning hours in order to avoid a confrontation with the large burly man.  Iowa Sixers ran interference for me by blocking the large burly mans SUV in with their bikes.  Thanks Sneaky, Sparkles, Rabbit and Ursala!

Enroute to MN IV from OKC. Stopping for a selfie in Kansas.

Just to prove that I am not afraid watch for updates.  Since I will be in Gods Country preparing for MN IV Spring Conference I intend to visit as many locations as possible.  Your not gonna get me large burly man!

Friday, October 3, 2014, @ 18:58 The Fall colors ride for Saturday, October 4, 2014, was cancelled.  As the guy responsible to make sure everyone can attend the Spring 2015 Conference, I made the tough call.  I told Larry K., that even thou I know the non Harley bikes would start and run just fine, I didn't want the Harley riders to feel left out, while everyone else rode.  After all the temperature will be below 50F and that means Harleys stop marking their terriority and start to gel up. Maybe we should go anyways.  The large burly man rides a Harley and he wouldn't be around to bother me.  RWP!


I know the answer:  It's Columbus Day!!!

October 13, 2014  According to my sources the large burly man has begun a plot to kidnap me.  Little does he know I now have air support.  I've flown over your house, nah, nah, nah.

SR-71 Blackbird, A.K.A., The Sled, Lady in Black!

October 18, 2014 - Fall Colors Ride

Honest guys, I'm from Minnesota and not a Packer Fan! Are you wearing the official DNR uniform?
What a beautiful roadway. The MN folks sure have some scenic areas to ride.
Bruce let me sit on his new H.D. He wouldn't let me ride on the tank like I wanted. Something about all the chapter pins would scratch the brand new paint.
I even got in a little fishing.
You should of seen the one that got away!
The Green Knights said they have my back. Be forewarned large burly man.
Can you believe some people would rather travel in one of these instead of on a motorcycle? To each his own.

October 25, 2014

I went to the Anoka City, MN Parade in The Halloween Capital of the World. Anoka Police, many volunteer police reserve, police explorers, and citizens did a great job ensuring a safe time for everyone.  Officers Mike, Jason and others had the west perimiter thoroughly contained.  Rumor was the large burly man was going to try and sneak thru, but these guys had the place on lockdown.    


Many people walking to the parade route were heard calling out Hi Officer Mike, You Guys Rock, Your Great, etc.!  The Anoka P.D. and their partners work hard to make the parade a positive experience.  It's just another example of how the men and women in law enforcement are truly loved and respected by the public.  However, don't mistake the law enforcement kindness and smiles for softness.  If they need to deal with a situation, it will be dealt with quickly and professionally.  


A tip of the hat to the hard working folks in The Halloween Capital of the World!

October 31, 2014 All Hallows Eve

Tonight I handed out candy to all of the kids large and small while visiting with 'The other Dave' in Andover (The Edina of the North.)  I saw pirates, ninjas, zombies, superheroes, supermodels, etc.  The smiles and thank yous given out were a real day brightner.  

If you have any extra candy that didn't get given out, take it to your local 9-1-1 center and tell dispatch you got it just for them.  Maybe the next time their is a call of a car hit skunk dispatch will find someone else to handle it :-)


November 4, 2014 - Election Day

I had a little problem at the poll trying to vote.  Apparently Teddy Bears aren't allowed to vote in MN elections.  I figured as liberal as the state was, even I could vote...after all their isn't any requirement to show I.D. 

November 5, 2014 - Manly Movember Day

Today, I went to see The Other Dave's Barber, Miss Jenny.  He calls her a barber but I've never seen such a pretty woman mistaken as a mens barber.  She calls herself a miracle worker of mens hairstyles.  Miss Jenny allowed me to spend some time learning new tricks of the trade regarding hair gels, styling mousse, and other items.  She said it's important to keep my fur clean, combed and soft.  If anyone is thinking of sending me hair product, please don't.  I would prefer you send it to our service people away from home.  While sending it to them, make sure you add some other goodies to the package such as factory sealed beef jerkey, hand moisturizer, facial wipes, eyeglass cleaner wipes, candy, etc.  You will make some rough and tough service members life a little easier and they will be honored you thought of them.  It's doesn't matter wether they follow in the footsteps of Merrill's Marauders, the Air Force's Skunk Works, Navys Seabees or the Marine Expeditionary Force.  You will be amazed how the roughest, toughest, individual out there wants to keep their hands soft enough to hold their loved ones when they return to them.

Maybe the Large Burly Man needs a trim.

November 7, 2014 I saw B.K. Larry E. today, while he was working.  He said his new bike has too many switches on it to try and learn them all while riding.  He has said his goal is to get another 300 miles on and break 1,000 on the odometer.  If you feel up to it call Larry and help him get the miles on before the snow arrives Sunday night.  


The temperature is supposed to drop below freezing tonight.  As a bear I am suppose to hibernate when it turns cold.  This year will be different.  I have met the Code 3 cats and they have all offered to keep me warm during the harsh MN winter.  Who knew a cat could put out so much heat that I had to take my B.K. vest off?  The metal pins were too warm against my soft fur.  

November 9, 2014  Today I joined a group of B.K. and other motorcycle riders for breakfast at Pappys Cafe in the Edina of the North.  Larry K. was the only one who rode a bike today.  Granted it was 37 F.  The waitress was phenomonal.  She knew the regulars by name and their favorite orders.  She could give it out as much as the regulars tried to give it to her.  She even gave a couple of guys nicknames such as pouty face and sweet pea.  I got called Honey, because I'm so SWEET!!!  As we were leaving I learned she gives every customer a hug.  Expect a picture with me and this young lady in the future.

Located in the Edina of the North.
I told you Larry K rode in!

November 10, 2014  Today is my birthday.  I received the flowers shown below from some of my fans.  As a celebrity, I can't always reveal who my romantic interests are but you can check TMZ.  This boquet was signed by the following with love: P.M.D., J.Love H., Jessica A., Sandy B. and many others! Thank you ladies.

November 10,2014  The first offical accumulation of snow started to fall today and continued and continued and continued.  I have officially encouraged all knights impacted by the storm, to put their bikes away and consider this the end of the riding season.  Sure their may be a day of 30+ before next spring, but who wants to clean chrome after having ridden on salt covered roads?

November 12, 2014  The large, burly, man received an award from the community he lives in for his work on the planning commission.   Hopefully, his work on the commission will take his mind off me.  Congratulations large, burly, man!

November 15, 2014 MN IV had their monthly meeting at Perkins.  Despite the best intentions of some members and the great service by the staff, the location was not suitable to hold a meeting.  Instead President Dave and the Board Members present all agreed to an abreviated meeting to focus only on any additional nominations for the upcoming elections.  After that was done, it was social time.  No one rode their motorcycle although The Other Dave did have his summer car out one last time.  It's not often I see a clean black car in the middle of a snow packed parking lot.  Before the day was done The Other Dave parked his car for it's winter nap in a place that is heated, air conditioned, protected by alarms, fire suppression system, and Fluffy.  I like Fluffy and he likes me I think.


November 20, 2014  I got to meet Detective Walter of the No Such Agency.  He is a man of few words, but is knowledgeable on many subjects.  Walter explained to me that over the years he has learned many different things, such as when the best time to keep your mouth shut.  He also told me that he has classified information on the Large Burly Man, but will keep it to himself.  I tried to bribe Detective Walter with a bottle of Dr. Pepper, but he said some secrets need to be kept forever.  I was invited back to hang out at the Christmas Party.  Hopefully, I will be able to have some good snacks and my photo taken with the ladies.  Detective Walter said the support staff are his favorites because they make his life easier! 

Ride along with Detective Walter in a 2015 Dodge Charger AWD...and it's a HEMI!!!
I remember when a squad had a switch for The Cherries, one for the siren and we used pen and paper to keep track of the information.

November 22, 2014  Today, I stopped at Pilgrim Cleaners to check on my cape. I got to visit with the staff, who agreed to pose with me.  The ladies asked me to remind the riders that if you need your leather gear cleaned get it done before the Spring 2015 Conference. 

Me with some fans!

November 23, 2014  Today, I had lunch with my new bodyguard, Sgt. I.M. Bear at Sammys Pizza in Coon Rapids.  The buffet was great and I learned a secret about El Presidente and cookies.  If anyone else wants to know the secret, ask the Large Burly Man, maybe he will tell you.  

While leaving with El Presidente, B.K. Mike Mo., and his family were walking in.  His wife is a dispatcher and as she bragged, in the past she was one of the few able to tell her husband where to go at home and work :-)  She now tells The Other Dave quite regularly to "Call Radio"!

Buffet or should we order off the menu?
I think we ate too much!

November 27, 2014  I celebrated Thanksgiving with El Presidente and his family while in  The G.L.R.C.  Even thou we had come from a different conference the Wisconsin State Troopers allowed us to pass.  They said that they had gotten word that we had received a travel voucher from Wisconsin I.  Seems WI I appreciate a bears foot so much, it's part of their coat of arms.  What's on your coat of arms for your chapter?   The WI folks also said that if the large burly man was causing me any problems, they would set him straight.  In WI, you don't mess with the Knights!


I got to eat all the honey I wanted and my fur coat kept me warm.  Sgt. I.M. Bear being the consumate professional politely declined any food.  He had received information of a possible kidnapping plot.  He kept all of us safe with frequent permiter checks, and constant monitoring of electronic communications.  At least that's what he said, for all I know he could of been listening to a football game on the earpiece!

November 28, 2014   I had the chance to appear on the bench at The Federal Courthouse today.  Many don't know it, but I was made an Honorary Judge years ago by the Honorable Judge Roy Bean.  He said a judge needs to be learned in the law and able to exercise common sense while applying the law.  Naturally as a Traveling Judge, I had to follow the security features in place.  

First I had to meet with Sgt. I.M. Bear
Fortunately, they didn't make me remove all my pins, I would of been there for hours.
My temporary court room.
Waiting for everyone to be quiet before I render my verdict.
This may be my Christmas Card.

I am still planning on visiting many more locations here in MN IV land.  If you have a sight that I should stop at send me an e-mail and I will put it on my list.  In the meantime, check out the 2015 Conference Tab and download the Power-Point showing some of the great sites available when you travel to the area.  Watch for updates from Toby Keiths Restaurant and Mamas Pizza in the near future!  Next to honey, steak and classic italian food are my favorites!  

December 6, 2014  I figured that if I am going to stay in the MN IV land for the winter months, I should make sure my drivers have a nice car to transport me around.  After all the ladies at Pilgrim made sure my fur is clean and Jenny, made sure my hair is styled just right.  Watch this page for an update on my new chariot.  I'm thinking something along the lines of Fast & Furious!

El Presidentes new ride? Actually, my new high maintenance girlfriend owns this. I'm secure enough in my masculinity to be seen in this. I'll bet the large burly man wouldn't even think to look for me in here with Barbie!

December 13, 2014  What the heck? 40+ degrees for 2 days in a row.  No, none of you in MN can ride your motorcycles.  I forbid it.  Do you know how much salt, sand and crud is on the roads?  It will take you weeks to get your bike clean again.  Instead drive with your head out your vehicle window to your favorite motorcycle shop.  Buy something you will need in the spring like a filter or oil.  Drive home with your head out the window.  When you go to bed tonight take a couple of asprin, because you will wake up with a cold tomorrow.

December 17, 2014  Ted is advising the WI Joint Chiefs of Staff on how to balance the budget, care for our military, and improve society.  

Here I am conferring with GLRC, Wisconsin Ambassador Bucky Badger.  We discussed our dislike of poor football and our favorite cheeses!  Bucky was jealous of all the pins I have on my vest.  Bring all of your old outdated ugly pins to a meeting.  We can start a traveling banner to share of what we use to have on display.  This could be interesting.  I'll bet Paz has the most!

December 18, 2014  I am looking to increase the ranks of ladies in MN IV.  Come and join Princess Mary Diva, Ann O and the rest of us.  Bring your spouse along.  You will meet an eclectic group of characters similar to your co-workers but we are much funnier, considerably more handsome, and obviously know everything.  We guarantee you will never forget this group of characters.  The bonus is joining us for rides once the weather gets nice.

Today, I went to a tailor shop to pick up some items dropped off for repair.  I'm told the shop was run by a Ukranian Gal forever, but she had recently sold it and retired.  The new owners are asian and seem very nice.  Unfortunately, their grasp of english as a 2nd language still needs improvement.  While waiting in line a mature woman, was being waited on.  The woman had some hearing issues and speech impediment as though she was partially deaf.  She was trying to explain to the asian woman that the zipper still didn't work right after having been fixed on her winter jacket and that it was cold out.  The discussion reminded me of an Abbott & Costello Bit of Who's on First as each tried to clarify what the other said.  This also reminded me to make sure I have patience with those who may have a handicap, because as someone else once said; "There but for the grace of god go you."

December 20, 2014  Today was the chapters meeting.  Larry K. showed up dressed in a decorative shirt with various symbols of Christmas cheer clearly visible.  He also had a matching tie in a Windsor knot.  Larry definitely won the award for the greatest Christmas spirit at the meeting.  His breakfast was paid for and his waitress received a sizable tip because of it.  I wonder if Rox had anything to do with his looking so sharp?


I am scheduled to meet up with the man in red later this week.  Watch for me around the Christmas tree.   


P.S.  Did you check out all the events listed under the events tab?

St. Nick stopped by to visit before the big day. He said that it's so hard to find me since I'm always on the move.

December 24, 2014  @ 21:00  I've been watching Norad tracking the man in red.  Looks like he will be coming thru MWRC in the next couple of hours.  Did you remember to leave out the milk and cookies?  Please think of the men and women working the street, corrections, ems, dispatch, etc. before closing your eyes for the night.  They are the Guardians for us tonight and their families will be praying for their safety.  Of course we can't forget the Green Knights (Military) and Red Knights (Firefighters) either.  Merry Christmas one and all!

Waiting with a friend in front of the fireplace for Santa.

December 25, 2014  I am so glad to see all the presents under the tree for all the good boys and girls.  

Santa left a present for me while at Larry & Roxs Home.
Spending the day with family.

December 31, 2014  Tonight I will be hanging out at a MN IV Party.  The hosts invite officers from the area to their home for a snack or pop while on duty.  This has been a tradition at their home for many, many years.  Those that are on duty, truly appreciate the effort of the hosts. That is the true spirit of the season!

January 1, 2015 The folks in MN sure are hearty.  The 67th annual I-Cycle Derby was held today.  The riders start in St. Paul, travel into Minneapolis and then return to the start point in St. Paul.  The rally is not about speed.  In fact the course is laid out so that the average speed is approximately 17 MPH.  The event proceeds are donated to "Eddie's Road", a charity that benefits children who have suffered from child abuse.  

January 10, 2015  Today, I found a new favorite spot to hang out; The Minnesota Honey Shop!  Who knew a bear could find nirvana in the middle of the city?  Stop by when you are in town for the Spring 2015 Conferrence.  They also ship items.

These outdoor bees are specially bred to survive the harsh Minnesota Winters. It was 12F when I ran into this team doing their perimeter check.
Look at all the samples!
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

January 10, 2015  As a dignified and refined bear, I know how to use silverware when eating.  As anyone knows a dull knife is a dangerous tool, whether using it in the kitchen, on the job or in the woods.  I met with Becky and her partners today at Eversharp.  They mentioned all the neat things that they sell and custom engraving they do.  They engrave the MPLS Officer of the Month Knife for one of the cities precincts.  The Other Dave had a couple of knives sharpened while I was adding things to my want list.  Some more Wusthof kitchen knives, and accessories are at the top of the list.

If you have someone with an event coming up such as birthday, Valentines, wedding, etc., check out some of the items available.  A quality knife can last a lifetime with the right amount of care.  P.S. The knives sharpened on site are SHARP, VERY SHARP!.  They can slice a thumb open or poke a hole in skin without any effort at all or so I have heard.  

Becky showing me Paul Bunyans table knife.
She was smiling the whole time I was in the shop.

January 10, 2015  I know the folks in Minnesota are hearty, but this going for a week without sunshine is depressing.  Today, the sun peeked out from behind all of the clouds to brighten the area for a short period of time.  Thank goodness, I had my Blue Knights Sunglasses to protect my eyes from harmful ultra-violet lights.  The glasses also make me look really cool, and it takes me back to last summer cruising around OK with Tom.  I miss the big lug.  I hope I will see him in June!  Did you send your registration in yet Tom???

January 14, 2015  I have now been in MN for over 60 days.  I was reminded by a very nice Trooper, that I need to have my I.D. updated showing a current address.  I hope the DMV Staff will treat me well when I get my new ID.


January 29, 2015  While doing recon in the area north of the Twin Cities in order to find my distant cousing Sasquatch, I came upon the MN Historical Society N.W. Company Fur Post Site.  I was told by my cousin Smokey the Bear to not go into the building without an escort from a uniformed peace officer. Apparently, the folks in the building see anything wearing fur and they immediately want to have it for their display.  I was told their was an incident where a tourist wearing a faux fur collar on a winter jacket had to explain multiple times to the staff that faux means fake.  Rather than taking any chances, I'll wait for Paz or someone from the North side of the metro to escort me inside for additional photos.

January 22, 2015  I have received information that Sasquatch has been lurking north of the twin cities.  I will be doing some surveilance of the area to see if I can get a picture of him.  Stay Tuned!

January 31, 2015  Could this be a photo of Sasquatch?  It's hard to say.  The MN DNR says no, but...

February 7, 2015,  Princess Mary jumped into Fish Lake today as part of Team Dunking Doughnuts.  Now before you start questioning her sanity, it should be known she did it as part of fund raising for Minnesota Special Olympics.  After jumping in she started floating in the water.  Said she wanted to get an early start on her summer tan.  She wants to ride her motorycle and not worry about sunburn.  Photos are said to exist, but it's gonna cost a lot to see them.  Maybe they will appear by the Spring MWRC event in Eagan, MN!

Friday, February 13, 2015

A public service announcement.

February 14, 2015, Ahh, yes the day of love, V-Day, 50 Shades comes out, jewelery stores make last minute sales, flower shops sell out their entire stock, and you can't find a seat in any restaurant. 

Now with all of that said, I am a true romantic.  In order to keep the romance alive when juggling all of the women in my life, I send cards but only to my favorites.  See November 10, 2014, entry above.

Amazing how I have become a phenomenon!

February 18, 2015,  The outside temperature today never broke 0F.  The windchill was a brisk - ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  It's no wonder my cousin Yogi Bear starts hibernating in late October.  Yogi and Boo Boo know they won't find any picnic baskets, during the short daylight season and bitter cold, so they might as well sleep.  I should of gone to Mardi Gras!

February 19, 2015, Happy Chinese New Year.  What better way to celebrate than traveling along the MN / Canadian Border.  I came upon this group of R.C.M.P. Mounties in their freshly pressed and starched red uniforms.  They told me they were practicing their blending into local terrain skils.  They told me to count to 10 and they would blend into the surrounding terrain.  Now you may not see any of them but they are there.  12 Officers, 6 horses, 4 snowmobiles, 2 Canine Teams, and 1 Sasquatch.   Look closely, you may have to squint, but trust me you will see them...it's so obvious, they are right there...Don't tell me you can't see them :-)

These guys are better at blending in then Waldo!

February 26, 2015, Today is an important day for a number of reasons.


It's National Bacon Day.


Commander Cupcake formerly of Operation Confusion has a birthday.


The biggest new is that the original Man in Black, Johnny R. Cash was born today.  He was known for a deep bass baritone voice.  His sad soulful songs touched many while his humorous side did peek out on occassion.  My favorite is One Piece at a Time.  It reminds me of all the Harley Motorcycles being put together.


Some organizations celebrate today as a Person in Black Day;no not funeral homes.  

The Other Daves staff have a yearly competition.  The best dressed male and female Person in Black, with style, panasche, accessories, etc. each gets a 20 ounce bottle of pop of their choice.  Watch for photos as I am the judge this year!


Show off your friends and family as People in Black.  Style with a flair of class, may make you famous on our web pages.  Think of the bragging rights. You could list it on your resume. People will want your autograph. The paparazi may follow you.


I couldn't judge the event or get photos.  I was sick and told that if I went anywhere other than on the couch between the cats, I would be in trouble. These MN Folks, take their health seriously.  They want to be in the best possible condition for once the roads are clear.  Fortunately I had my I Pod to help me think about Spring.

February 28, 2015, The folks in MN IV are nice.  They named a path in my honor.  If you are on a dirt trail in MN look out for my sign!

March 5, 2015

A sentiment shared by many motorcycle riders!
March 8, 2015, Daylight Savings Started at 00:00

March 19, 2015,  Today I saw the spring copy of the Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial Association newsletter.  It was full of some nice articles, and spoke about the good work done for the families of the survivors.  It also acknowledged the contributions of a number of individuals who have now resigned from their positions at LEMA due to new opportunities / retirements.  

A tip of my hat to the following:

Kevin Torgerson, Olmsted Co. S.O., 23 Years of Service to LEMA

Rich Flaten, Burnsville P.D. 21 Years of Service to LEMA

Jim Felt, Willmar P.D., 16 years of Service to LEMA

Jim Rygg, Edina P.D, 13 Years of Service to LEMA

Kevin Whitlock, Three Rivers Park District, 13 years of Service to LEMA.  Ask Kevin if he remembers comedian Mark Pierce and his I.A.B. Presentation.

Interna Kim, Coon Rapids P.D., 7 years of Service to LEMA

Derwin Ellis, Hennepin Co. S.O., 3 years of Service to LEMA

Annette Habisch-Peterson, Wright Co. S.O., 3 years of Service to LEMA

Bill Hammes, Coon Rapids P.D., 3 Years of Service to LEMA

Mike Mc Cormick, Cottage Grove P.D., 3 years of Service to LEMA

March 22, 2015, Did you see Mack The Knights photo?  He's on the Home page and will be at Eagan.  Plan on getting your photo taken with him!

Everyone squeezes my butt...and I LOVE IT!!! Eat your heart out large burly man

April 1, 2015, It seems that some of the characters at Detective Walters agency have a sense of humor.  One of the characters who we will call Plow 1 in order to protect his identity pulled a fast one on his boss.


Text message to his boss  before work.  'We were called in last night to deal with a mess.  Apparently after stealing a truck and trying to fill the bed with a Harley, the idiots were spotted.  There was a pursuit, crash, foot pursuit, K-9 bites, etc.  Once arrested the idiots requested amnesty, claiming they were persecuted because of their love of Harley Davidson Motorcycles.  We called the State Department and they said you caught em, you clean em'  Granted the boss was tired, but he immediately called his boss and said "Did you hear what those guys did; Who should we call?"  A moment after discussing what they should do, the supervisors realized what day it was.  Plow 1 is now on guard because he knows their will be a payback.

April 11, 2015, Today was the fund raiser for members of the Mendota Heights P.D., MN.  Mendota Heights Officer Scott Patrick was killed in the line of duty on July 30, 2014 by an evil man.  All of the the men and women who woked tirelessly to capture and arrest the now convicted killer wanted to accompany the family of Officer Patrick during police week.  Unfortunately, that couldn't happen, because someone has to stay back and guard the fort.  Apparently a decision was made that the shift of men and women working that fateful day were selected to accompany Officer Patricks family during police week.  They had a goal to raise money to ensure it happened.  Thanks to the kindness of many individiuals and businesses over $45,000.00 was raised for this.  The money not needed for travel expenses is going to be used in a honorable way to keep Officer Patricks memory alive.  (Think Scholarship Awards) A tip of my hat to all of those people who worked so hard to make this happen for Officers Patricks family in uniform and out.  Mendota Heights P.D. is a true example of Semper Fi! 

April 12, 2015, National Grilled Cheese Day.  The only people I have ever met that are more serious about the right kind of cheese for any sandwich is those folks from the Dairy State, Wisconsin.  Hey G.L.R.C. Folks, did you sign up for our conference yet?  I will arrange amnesty for the time you are here in Gods Country.

April 12- 18, 2015, National Public Safety Telecommicators (9-1-1) Operators Week.  This is the week we celebrate those who tell us where to go (nicely) at work.  They are also our lifeline.  Thank You Anoka County 2800 Staff!

April 15, 2015, Blech this is tax day.  To my friends at the IRS, I don't mind paying my fair share, but I would be just as happy if my fair share was smaller :-)


This is also the 2nd Anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing.  Keep Strong BOSTON!

April 15, 2015,   Some idiot actually sent this to our MN IV Chapter e-mail.  


Notice to Appear,

This is to inform you to appear in the Court on the April 24 for your case hearing.
Please, do not forget to bring all the documents related to the case.
Note: The case will be heard by the judge in your absence if you do not come.

The Court Notice is attached to this email.

Yours faithfully,
Rodney Swanson,
Clerk of Court.


Naturally, I have retained the law firm of Larry, Curly and Moe.  I have no doubt they will be filling Writs of Habeus Corpus, Citing Phillipi V. Swedlund as prescedent, and advising they already know every beauty queen judge in the area,   I will have character witnesses to testify on my behalf from the entire MWRC.  Brian Gadd, Tom Ashing, and Sparkles, are you listening?  Perhaps even the Large Burly Man would be willling testify on my behalf!  My lawyers should confuse the heck out of Mr. Rodney Swanson.  

April 16, 2015, Today is National Wear Your Pjamas to Work Day.  Fortunately, I am normally bare so it isn't a problem for me.  I can't imagaine this day working out well in real life although in the movies anything is posssible!

April 18, 2015, is husband Appreciation Day.  Since I am single I didn't get to celebrate it this year.  Maybe next year!  Maybe PMD will take pity on me and help me celebrate at the Conference! 


We had 3 guests at the monthly meeting.  They have a variety of experiences and two have signed up.  They said that they want to ride.  Now if we can just get some good weather for more than an hour or two at a time.

What does a B.K. drive, when the co-rider says it's too cold for the bike? A Ford Shelby GT500 of course! I'm told it goes quickly from 0-70 MPH and that's all the faster she will allow it to go. :-)
PMD showing off her new bike. I photobombed her!

April 19, 2015,  This is the 20 year anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing of the Alfred P. Murah building  Take a moment to think of those murdered and the survivors who carried on.  I've been told the temperature of where the terrorists are at is Volcano Lava Hot.  

May 15, 2015 Today is National Peace Officers Memorial Day.  It's a time to reflect on the men and women who lost their lives while on duty.  Remeber your Peace Officers, Police Officers, Deputies, Troopers, DNR, Etc.


Forget all the rhetoric and screaming put out about Black Lives Matter.    





Princess, Purrsuit enjoying some tuna at her last birthday.

May 19, 2015, Today one of the other Daves cats crossed over The Rainbow Bridge. I will miss Purrsuit.  She was very good to me and kept me warm over the long MN Winter.  Godspeed Princess Purrsuit.

May 25, 2015,  Today is Memorial Day.  I was never allowed to serve in the military, because of my physical size limitations.  However I hold a special spot in my heart for the men and women who have been a member of the Armed Forces.  Just like a law enforcement agency their is good natured ribbing and disagreements.  However when the time comes everyone stands shoulder to shoulder and deals with the isssues in front of them.  


Thank you to those still serving and those that have served.  Let us not forget those who have died in the line of duty.  They also left survivors behind.  Tell the survivors you appreciate the sacrifice their loved ones made.  Then you better get ready for a big hug, because your gonna get one.


Finally, I want to say a special thank you to the members of MN IV who have served!


May 30,2015,  The Spring MWRC is quickly approaching.  You did send in your registration and make your hotel reservations right?  If not, it's never to late. Currently over 125 past and future friends of mine have said they are coming to God's Country. Are you one of them?  Yes, I'm talking about you Tom.  I haven't seen you since OKC.  See the top of the page to learn more about this big softie!  


It's time to RWP, since it's sunny and 54F right now.  Pre ride bike inspection-check, Helmet-check, cash-check, DQ coupon-check...Look out world, here I come!!!


June 1, 2015, Glocks Randy Bartlett dropped off some goodies as give aways for the conference.  They were delivered to the Conference Chairman.  I tried to get Randy to reveal details of new products, but he said he couldn't.  I'm going to have to try and sneak into their factory and see if Galston Glock will let me know.  After all I'm a bear, who would I tell  :-)


June 2, 2015, I tried to stay out of trouble today, but I went for a ridealong with Team Organized Confusion.  We wound up in North Minneapolis and I saw 2 individuals arrested for Felony Theft.  It was really cool to watch in person. Minneapolis Police were called in to assist after the arrest.  The squads that arrived on site were polite and professional.  Unfortunately, they didn't bring any coffee to the stop.  Still, they remained on standby while T.O.C. squads responded to transport the miscreants.  While on site, I saw school children and adults saying Good Job, Thank You, etc. to the officers.  It does a bears heart good to see that many people see the police as friends and not enemies!


June 5, 2015, One week to the offical start of the Spring MWRC Conference.  I know some of MN IV folks will be at the hotel earlier.  IF you come into town early and are looking for advice on some sites, make sure you ask around.  The Eagan Police Department is already aware that a group of law abiding, positive attitude, fun loving folks are coming to town!  Their co-horts from the other nearby cities are also aware.  Make sure you give our Public Safety folks in Minnesota a smile and a wave.  You are sure to get one back!


June 7, 2015, I'm beginning to feel sad.  This will be my last weekend with the MN IV folks, before I move on.  I have decided to enjoy the warm weather and work on my tan!  I had ribs off a Big Green Egg Smoker tonight.  Yogi may like picnic baskets, but nothing beats fresh smoked ribs!


June 8, 2015, The Big Yellow Barn Candy Store opened early.  Make sure you stop in for some treats.  As a bear I am a big fan of Bit O Honey, Honey, Dr. Pepper, Austrailian Licorice, etc.  Who says a bear can't be fussy?


June 9, 2015, It's going to be 92.5 F today.  That also happens to be the radio FM station of KQ92, Classic Rock and Roll music for the MN IV Folks.  Want Country try 102.1 or 102.9.  Want a fun mix of music, try 107.9.  Want talk radio, try 830 or 1500 AM.  They will have more news, weather and talk than you can shake a stick at.  If all else fails, listen to the road noise or your favorite XM channel.  I personally like the comedy channels, when outside of the area.


June 10, 2015, A few folks arrived early at the hotel.  They heard about all the good food and neat places to see and just couldn't wait.  I'm sure the fact that it's suppouse to rain tommorow doesn't have anything to do with it.


June 11, 2015, Well the weather guessers were right for once.  It did rain last night and is forecast for showers on and off for the remainder of the day.  So What...We ride motorcycles to enjoy the weather as it comes.  After all what are the odds that you could ride across a major metro area without getting rain, much less if traveling across several states.  No matter what it will be warmer in MN for this conference that it was last fall in OKC!  Stay tuned for more updates. 


Our Web Server has advised that I can't put any more photos on this tabbed page.  Watch for a tab with all of the photos from the Spring Conference coming very soon.


June 14, 2015, I am leaving MN IV and on my way to Iowa III.  I will be looking forward to seeing Princess Mary Diva, Mr. Bill, Colonel Klink, El Presidente and many others their.


I would like to thank Sgt. I.M. Bear, Mitch Rapp and all the others who ensured my safety despite the best intentions of the Large Burly Man to disrupt my presence in Minnesota.  


Thank You one and all!