Heaven 1

   *Heaven I is the Chapter that our members are transferred to upon their death.


   *Their names are displayed in a leather bound book at the Blue Knights International Headquarters office.


   *Beginning in 1996, this memorial book has been taken to the International Convention for display and a reading of the previous years deceased member's is given with a moment of silence offered on their behalf.


   *We always hope that no more names are added to the Heaven I Chapter list. 

     MN IV Members who transferred to Heaven 1.

December 5, 2023 - Today, one of our original members Dave Pasicznyk, transferred to the Blue Knights Heaven 1 Chapter.  He was at home surrounded by family when the Lord called him.  As I'm sure you can imagine their were tears shed by all the family that were present.  I'm sure Lady Linda and all of the family are glad that their Dave/Husband/Dad is no longer in pain.


He was very proud of his family and association with Maranatha Church.  He and the family were known by many at the church through various programs. Da Paz was known to keep Pastor Mike and others on their toes because of his quick wit and mischevious smile. 


Da Paz was one of the original MN 4 Horseman who would scour all corners of the state in search of an elusive MN police patch.  Between the Horseman, each had something different and the good natured ribbing about my patch is nicer than yours was often heard.  


I know for a fact that Da Paz would often take the short end in patch trades in order to help out a brand new collector.  After all how many NYPD patches can a Minnesota collector be expected to keep?


He absence will be felt by many who worked with him, traded patches with him, rode motorcycle with him or shared jokes.  I can also assure you that many who were touched by Da Paz, also feel the loss.


Sir David of the Forest has left us, but his spirit will live on.

June 15, 2023 - Dale Werth was an honorary member with our chapter.  He joined in 2008.  He was a private man.

December 27, 2022 - Dan Harshman was a St. Paul Police Officer.  He loved his family, friends and country.  He is described as a cowboy at heart who rode 4 legged horses and iron horses. 


Dan was a long time member of the Blue Knights who had been valiantly fighting that common enemy cancer.  Although he didn't beat it, he gave it everything he had.  


A story about Dan from when he was working patrol for his agency.  Apparently, he saw a car that looked familiar, with a nefarious individual at the wheel.  Dan lit up the cherries, activated the siren and the car pulled to the shoulder. Spotlights, high beams and take down lights were used to illumiate the vehicle and its occupant.  Dan is his uniform made his approach.  As the drivers window went down, Dan said in a kind voice to his adult son "I Love You!"  Dan then returned to his squad.  The wall of light and cherries were turned off.  It wasn't said but it was implied that his son had something in his eye for a few minutes before he was able to start driving again.  Take the lesson from this and tell those around you that are important to you that you love them.  Time is too short.

May 4, 2022 - Today is a sad day for those of us in MN IV.  One of the original members Bob Crawford, has left us.  He was known as a world traveler with his bride; Judy.  He served with the Ramsey County S.O.  He was a charter member of our chapter and the former owner of St. Paul Harley Davidson.  As we mourn the passing of Bob with his family and extended network of friends, we hope each of them will find peace in rembering the good times.

September 19, 2021 - Today, Brandon Young from the Lino Lakes P.D., passed. He had recently been fighting some serious medical issues.   Unfortunately, the combination of diseases where too much for him to overcome despite the dedicated medical care he received.


On October 1, 2021, the family and friends of Brandon Young laid him to rest beside his bride who preceded him in death.  The event was a respectful, yet somber event with many happy memories shared by those present.  Law Enforcement Officers from multiple agencies active and retired attended the visitations and service to honor Brandons memory.


It was an impressive site going to the cemetary with a Lino Lakes squad driven by one of the officers who worked with Brandon.  Yes, all the flashing lights were doing their thing.  The collective motorcycle riders and Blue Knights then followed.  Brandons friend and riding partner Dave had the priviledge to ride the white Indian Motorcyle Brandon had named Willow.  The family asked the Blue Knights to ride escort to the burial site with Dave and Willow.  


Brandon had been a part of his church for over 40 years.  During that time he was known to be a kind and generous man with a sense of humor and musically talented.   


Brandon was a well known individual who impacted many young people through his work as a school liasion officer.  He was known for wanting to be annonymous many times when doing charity.  One example is his paying for lunches for school children who couldn't afford them.  No child should go hungry was his motto.


Many of the tales shared included his sense of humor and jokes he would pull. He was known to often pull out the blue rotary desk phone at school and tell the children that he would call his friend ask them for the answer to a question. Brandon apparently had direct dial numbers to everyone including Santa Claus!


Brandon also taught young drivers the rules of the road, how to be safe and to always look for motorcycles.  


Brandon as you join your bride and other family members, ride safe.  We already know that you Rode your Motorcycles with PRIDE!!!

January 28, 2021 - Roger Gleason A Devoted family man and proud peace officer has transferred to Heaven 1.  


Roger and his family are proud members of military and public service.  During the service on February 5, 2021, the adult children spoke about the love between Roger and his bride.  They also spoke of the importance of duty and honor.  Additionally, some of the grandchildren also spoke as part of the service. It was a far too short tribute to a man who always had a smile and kind word for everyone.  


The Washington County Sheriff's Office Honor Guard stood the watch prior to the mass.  Afterwards, they lined up in the -0 windchill outside the church posting the colors as the casket was escorted through the church to the hearse. The Blue Knights were given the honor to stand at the interior of the church as the casket and family walked out to the hearse.  It was a sad moment saying goodbye to Roger.  Those who attended the mass included lots of friends and family members.  We also saw a number of Peace Officers in uniforms or in suits.  They may have not been able to wear the uniform due to assignments, but trust us we saw them their.  Cops recognize cops wether or not they are still working! Their wasn't a dry eye among the group.  


Afterwards Roger and family were escorted to Ft. Snelling where a military honor guard was waiting.  The escort vehicle to Ft. Snelling was a motorcyle. How fitting is that!


As we age many of us have to give up our bikes and Roger struggled with that decision, but don't think for one second he didn't check over every bike that was at a meeting or event.  He teased some about how they haven't been out riding enough because their bike was too clean.  Then at the next bike he would tease someone about needing to clean their bike.  


Finally, here is a photo of Roger during a designated stop on a monthly ride. The driver of the 4 Wheel ATV went over hills, down the dales, and did some drifting with Roger as the passenger.  You couldn't pry that smile off Rogers face if you tried!

January 17, 2021 - Today, Blue Knights Dale C. left the chapter behind.  He is now riding with the angels as the newest member of Heaven 1!  I'm sure that those who have gone ahead of him are showing him around.  Dale was a founding member of the Blue Knights MN IV Chapter in 1990.  He had retired from the Maplewood Police Department.  


On January 23, 2021, a Blue Knights MN IV honor guard had the privilege to stand the watch.  Pastor Mike was present and as usual did an outstanding job.  Emilio M., the ever present bagpipper, made sure to fill the building and great outdoors with his pipes sounding loud and proud.


The family expressed their thanks to the Blue Knights for being a part of Dales extended family.  


A U.S. Army honor guard including a 1st Lt. was also present because of Dales military service.  It's always nice to see the military come in and go 'WOW, look at all those guys here honoring one of their own!'  The military provided a trumpter also.  You know the song he played and it always brings tears even in 14F weather.


Additionally, their was a Maplewood Police Squad, piloted by a sergeant with lots of hard earned hash marks on his sleeve.  Finally, some Maplewood P.D. retirees also attended to say goodbye to their partner.

March 28, 2017 - Russell Hicks was with the U.S. Army C.I.D. and One of the Official Kilt Wearers!


October 4, 2015 - Todd Gleason was proud of his service with the Centennial Lakes P.D.  According to his bride he could work on anything with an engine but couldn't find ketchup in the refrigrator.


July 2005 - Dennis Healy was a Ramsey County Deputy who passed due to health issues.


July 2003 - Charley Shay served in our U.S. Military (Airborne?) and was a U.S. Marshall.  He was described as being in love with Miss Petite America. There is more to that story but no one is willing to share it.


August 11, 2001 - Bertwood Pendleton was known as The pride of the Lower Sioux Tribe from Morton, Minnesota.  He served with the U.S. Air Force in Vietnam.

      GLRC Chairman & International Webmaster


      *Paul D. Croteau - A true friend and dedicated member of the Blue Knights. 10-04-2017


      Oklahoma II Charter member and current President

       *Don 'Pappy' Cravens - For those of you who have ever been to an MWRC conference, you may know Pappy.  He was a charter member since 1985.   01-20-2020

Not to be forgotten the spouses / family members of those who transfer are given a special title and are still considered a part of the Blue Knights Family.