Heaven 1

   *Heaven I is the Chapter that our members are transferred to upon their death.


   *Their names are displayed in a leather bound book at the Blue Knights International Headquarters office.


   *Beginning in 1996, this memorial book has been taken to the International Convention for display and a reading of the previous years deceased member's is given with a moment of silence offered on their behalf.


   *We always hope that no more names are added to the Heaven I Chapter list. 


      MN IV Members who transferred to Heaven 1  include the following:


      * Dan Harshmnan - A proud man who loved his family, friends and country.  He was a cowboy at heart who rode 4 legged horses and iron horses.  He passed on December 27, 2022.


      * Bob Crawford - A world traveler with his bride; Judy.  Ramsey County Sheriff's Office, Former owner of St. Paul Harley Davidson and charter member of MN IV, passed on May 4, 2022.


      * Brandon Young - A man who was extremely proud of his work in the schools impacting so many open minds.  He also taught many new drivers the importance of being safe and always to "Start Seeing Motorcycles"!  Lino Lakes Police Department passed on September 19, 2021.


      * Roger Gleason - Devoted family man and proud peace officer.  Washington Co. S.O. passed on January 28, 2021.


      * Dale Clauson - Maplewood P.D. passed on January 17, 2021.


      * Russell Hicks - One of the Official Kilt Wearers!


      * Todd Gleason - He could work on anything with an engine but couldn't find ketchup in the refrigerator according to his bride.


      * Dennis Healy - Passed in 2005.


      * Charley Shay - In love with Miss Petite America.


      * Bertwood Pendleton - The pride of the Lower Sioux Tribe from Morton, Minnesota.


      GLRC Chairman & International Webmaster


      *Paul D. Croteau - A true friend and dedicated member of the Blue Knights. 10-04-2017


      Oklahoma II Charter member and current President

       *Don 'Pappy' Cravens - For those of you who have ever been to an MWRC conference, you may know Pappy.  He was a charter member since 1985.   01-20-2020

Not to be forgotten the spouses / family members of those who transfer are given a special title and are still considered a part of the Blue Knights Family.