Heaven 1

   *Heaven I is the Chapter that our members are transferred to upon their death.


   *Their names are displayed in a leather bound book at the Blue Knights International Headquarters office.


   *Beginning in 1996, this memorial book has been taken to the International Convention for display and a reading of the previous years deceased member's is given with a moment of silence offered on their behalf.


   *We always hope that no more names are added to the Heaven I Chapter list. 


      MN IV Members who transferred to Heaven 1  include the following:


      * Bertwood Pendleton - The pride of the Lower Sioux Tribe from Morton, Minnesota.


      * Charley Shay - In love with Miss Petite America.


      * Dennis Healy -


      * Todd Gleason - He could work on anything with an engine but couldn't find ketchup in the refrigerator according to his bride.


      * Russell Hicks - One of the Official Kilt Wearers!


      GLRC Chairman & International Webmaster


      *Paul D. Croteau - A true friend and dedicated member of the Blue Knights. 10-04-17



Not to be forgotten the spouses / family members of those who transfer are given a special title and are still considered a part of the Blue Knights Family.