The information presented below is of a humorous nature.  Don't take everything you read seriously.

September 9 - 12, 2021, Fall MWRC Conference hosted by IA III.  Go to MWRC Events for complete information.


November 10, 2021, Ted E. Bear will turn 36 years young in 2021.


December 8, 2021, is National Lost and Found Day.  If I pretend to be lost will you find me, take me home, cuddle me, hug me, love me, humor me, etc.? - Ted E. Bear.  


December 15, 2021, is National Cat Herders Day.  I use to have a boss that said trying to get a group of Detectives together was like hearding cats.  Everyone had someplace to be other than the mandatory meeting!  Are you reading this SP-61?


June 5, 2022, Blessing of the Bikes @ Maranatha Church.  Come and ride through a church and hear the man, the myth, the legend Pastor Mike rev his motorcycle as he rolls to the front of the church in style!


June 26 - 30, 2022, International Convention, Killarney Co., Kerry Ireland (Rescheduled from 2020.)


June, 2022, Spring MWRC Conference, hosted by Grand Forks, ND – ND-I.  (Rescheduled from Spring 2020.)