Challenge Coin For Sale

Our Blue Knights chapter has decided to make a Challenge Coin.  We are using it as a fund raiser. For those that don't know, we fund raise and then make charitable donations for select causes.  Our chapter makes donations to many different organizations including medical, law enforcement, military and special causes.


The cost of a coin is $15.00 plus shipping and handling.  If you wish to purchase a coin you can send a message to the link MN IV Challenge Coin Purchase Inquiry or copy this to your e-mail.  Leave your desired number(s) of coins with your name, address, etc.  Santas elves will look up you area for S&H and get back to you with an actual cost.  Once the elves get a confirmation from you on your order, you will be given further instructions regarding payment.  If you have any questions, please send them to the same e-mail address.

Wanted: KD Oval Shaped Fender Mount Lamp with Red Lens Similar to This.

If you know where this KD light or lens can be found for purchase in State Patrol, Police or Sheriff version, please leave a message at our website e-mail. Thank You.